The Washington Redskins should trade RG3

Trading Robert Griffin III sounds ludicrous, but hypothetically there are a number of arguments one can make on the benefits of trading him and keeping Kirk Cousins for the Washington Redskins.

1. The Redskins need draft picks

Trading away all of those picks to get RG3 looks like a Pyrrhic victory at this point. The Redskins have a lot of holes on offense and defense without the capital to fix them. The linebacker core is aging and inept at times. The secondary lacks depth and talent at various positions. Wide receivers are aging, and the only legitimate receiver is the injury prone Pierre Garcon. These are not problems easily fixed overnight, and it’s hard for a young quarterback to gain confidence or be in a situation to develop when the sky is falling on the roster.

2. Kirk Cousins is a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL

Kirk CousinsEverybody wants to put the too early label on Kirk Cousins, but he’s a starting quarterback in the NFL. Why trade him for a second-rounder, when he can be this team’s franchise quarterback. He can make all the throws and protects his body a lot better than RG3. In fact, the only major difference between Cousins and RG3, is RG3 has better running ability when healthy and little more arm strength. But Cousins has better accuracy, which is more important than arm strength. So why not move forward with Cousins, because he has a skill set to build a franchise around.

3. RG3 can’t stay healthy with Dan Snyder pulling the strings

The number one issue with RG3 moving forward is durability. And Dan Snyder is enabling RG3 to play when he’s clearly not healthy. I can’t fault RG3 for wanting to play injured and hurt, but at some point you need someone with better judgment to be a referee for RG3 on his health. For a long time, I always thought Mike Shanahan was encouraging RG3 to play hurt, but the more information that leaks, clouds the situation to the point where Dan Snyder’s meddling hands are on this situation. Keeping RG3 makes a lot of sense, but as long as Snyder is the owner, there will be no buffer to stop RG3 from pushing himself too far.

4. RG3 can’t survive with the D.C. media

Robert Griffin IIIWe all know how bad the D.C. media can get, but RG3 can’t survive in this atmosphere. He gets eaten alive by every frivolous and biting commentary on his play to the point where it has an impact on his game. Confidence is key for quarterbacks in the NFL. And if the media is constantly dogging you over self-created drama, it’s hard to find some privacy. The fame is getting to RG3 and he’s not handling it well. A change of scenery could help him gain his confidence back.

5. This is your last chance to get a first-rounder for RG3

With all of the drama from this season, there is still a consensus among some teams that RG3 is a future franchise quarterback. However, if he continues to falter in 2014, which can happen, then you won’t get a first-round pick in a trade. Getting anything less than a first would make the RG3 trade up, one of the worst trades in Redskins’ history. Trying to get back some of what you lost won’t hurt, and you might even get more than just one first for RG3. This is your last chance to cut your losses, because otherwise you will end up with next to nothing for him if he fails in the future.

But I want to know what you think. I can’t bring myself to trade RG3, but is it time to move on?

James Cobern is a Division Leader and can be contacted at jcobern@thepenaltyflagblog.com or on twitter @Jmcobern1

7 thoughts on “The Washington Redskins should trade RG3”

  1. You’re nuts. Did you see Cousins play in those three games? 58.4: That was Kirk Cousins’ passer rating in relief of Griffin, which if he qualified would have ranked dead last in the NFL by a huge margin. He threw seven interceptions on only 155 attempts, which is pretty much unacceptable. Griffin struggled in 2013, but Cousins was even worse. Jay Gruden is right about there being no quarterback competition. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1925307-washington-redskins-stats-that-mattered-in-2013

  2. Haha, this is the dumbest article I have ever read. Must have been written by either a Cowboys fan or Eagles fan. This article is Full Retard!

  3. Wow, you hands down get the award for worst article ever written. Lets trade away a player that we have seen can play amazingly and has astronomical upside so we can start the backup who has played in limited games. Great logic. Also, the only reason the DC Media was a problem is because the team was losing. How was that “self created drama”. The media wasn’t a problem when he led the team to an NFC East championship. You probably even wrote an article back then how he was DC’s savior. The only reason you wrote this article is because the Redskins had an awful season and your jumping on the DC media dogging train you referenced in your article because like all the other hacks you lack the creativity to write something original. Pure Garbage.

  4. The only way that any quarterback will do well with the redskins is that managers make big changes with the offensive line,because the front line needs desperate help with their blocking techniques.NEED HELP BAD.SO FIX IT NOW!

  5. rgiii had 12 int’s in 13 gams ho do you figure Cousis did worse and rg should have had a lot more but got lucky,,, hell a drunk redneck has a better chance at hitting the broad side of a Barn than RGIII

  6. One of the dumbest articles I have seen. Dan Snyder does not control who plays. This was an issue between RG3 and the Shanahans. Snyder had to fire Shanahan because his leaks had become irresponsible. How is the linebacking corp aging? Keenan Robinson can easily replace Fletcher. Orakpo and Kerrigan are not old or past their prime. They need only one receive to pair with Garcon. How is Garcon injury prone because a guy pulled on his foot in New Orleans. It was not his fault. He finished the year with the injury and comes back in 2013 and catches 113 passes. What injury prone? Just dumb comments after another. Lastly, the D.C. media are stupid. everyone already knows it. Snyder ignores them, that’s all that matters. As long as the owner does not react to the local media, the players and coaches are sheltered. It would be trouble if there is an owner that is continually succumbing to media pressure.

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