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Could Redskins go from cellar to contender?

 Last year the Washington Redskins finished their season where no one thought they would be. A coach who did not get along with the owner, a 3-13 finish, zero wins in the their division, and Robert Griffin III watching the last three games from the sidelines. With no first round pick in the coming draft, the Redskins looked like they had more problems than even Michael Vick did a few years ago.…
Santana Moss

This Moss, Santana Moss that is, thankfully gathered

Santana Moss may be the other Moss to many (see Randy), but the NFL blue hair is mossy sans being from Brooklyn, given his time put in.

Rod Gardner was a first round selection, fifteenth overall, by the Washington Redskins at the behest of Marty Schottenheimer.  Now Marty got wrongfully, if somewhat understandably booted after one year at the helm of the former Boston Braves; however, he did get the 6’2 Clemson product incorrect.  Daniel Snyder desired Santana Moss in that draft.  Four years later the Redskins traded Laveranues Coles back to the New York Jets for Moss, and thankfully so.

Jay Gruden

Redskins continue to mesh in underwhelming fashion

The flashy inking of contracts continues as the Washington Redskins continue to mesh in an underwhelming fashion.

The most impactful additions are Jay Gruden, the new head coach, and Doug Williams, a personnel guy to Bruce Allen’s fiscal responsibility take.  Allen and Williams worked simultaneously while at Tampa Bay, with success. Doug Williams was the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl, doing so with the Washington Redskins when they undressed the Elway-led Broncos 42 to 10.  The fact of the matter is that Gruden is a more traditional West Coast guy, an offense predicated on rhythm that factors.…