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Growing pains is the early theme in Washington

Depth in National Football League is a commodity. All teams have depth. It is just whether or not the depth is talented enough to get by. Or is the depth talented but too young and going to suffer some growing pains? This is the early case of the Washington Redskins.

Growing_Pains_logoComing into the 2014 season, the Washington Redskins lacked talented depth at many positions. They blamed this on the lack of early draft picks in 2012, 2013 and 2014.…

TPF’s Week 3 NFL rundown

And here I thought Week 2 was wacky. Maybe Week 3 wasn’t “wacky” per se, but it wasn’t any less interesting. Have you looked at the standings yet? 13 teams are currently 2-1, and another 13 teams are 1-2. That means 26 teams are within one game of each other. Math bomb. “Geez Mike, we know how to do math.” Anyways, this week’s rundown turned out to be a little NFC East heavy. What can I say, they all had interesting games.…

The not so special teams in Washington

Special teams are just that to a football team “special.” They are they aspect of the game that is not on the field for the majority. Special teams can win you a game, and they can also cost you the game. In Washington, however, this seems to be a recurring theme. They continue to lose close games due to the play of their special teams.

In 2013, the Washington Redskins special teams play was at or near the bottom of every statistical category possible.…

TPF’s NFL Week 2 Rundown

In what many could consider a walk through bizarro world (any Sealab fans?), Week 2 of the NFL season was more than interesting. A slew of injuries, suspensions, and upsets made Week 2 the most intense one that I can remember since the 2006-2008 seasons. That was a time when the league felt very balanced, and the playoffs were fun. And that’s exactly what this week felt like; fun. The San Diego Chargers carved up Seattle; the Buffalo Bills started 2-0 and plenty more in this week’s rundown.…

Who should be the starting QB for Washington?

When Kirk Cousins replaced Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins’ offense dominated the Jaguars’ defense. But, RG3 is the coveted first round pick they traded so much away just to land? Who should be the starting QB for Washington?

The answer is clear, but I’m not sure the owner and coaching staff will make it.

Robert Griffin III
Robert Griffin III

In his first season, RG III was an effective quarterback. Much of his success was based on his ability to run; to execute the ‘read-option’ style offense.…