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Washington Redskins will win the NFC East

The Washington Redskins were atrocious last season, but this year, look for Robert Griffin III and the Redskins to bounce back. RG3 has finally had the time to fully heal from the injuries he suffered in his rookie season and will be back to his rookie form in 2014. The Washington Redskins will win the NFC East.

Alfred Morris is a key player in 2014 as he should soften the load for RG3 and take some of the pressure off of the Redskins signal caller.…

2014 Washington Redskins season win total prediction

It should be an exciting first season under new head coach Jay Gruden, but the Las Vegas Hilton doesn’t see that translating into wins. The 2014 Washington Redskins season win total sits at 7.5.

If things get off to a good start for Robert Griffin III on offense then, I think they have a chance to continue that success all season long. But if things stall early on, I think it will be a sign of things to come for the entire season.…

Redskins are ready to say goodbye to the NFL

The Washington Redskins are ready to say goodbye to the NFL, and it could come at the end of the 2014 season. With the constant debate whether or not the name Redskins is racist, it will force them to change their name, but the biggest blow was the loss of the trademark.

Daniel Snyder and the Redskins organization will lose out on excessive amounts of money not being able to use the name Redskins. If there’s one thing that would derail their fight more than anything, it will be a loss of profit.…


Can Gruden bring back the Redskins winning ways?

To be a winner, at any level, takes many things. It takes pedigree, desire and experience. On January 9th, 2014 the Washington Redskins hired a man with all three intangibles, Jay Gruden. The hope is that he can bring winning back to the Nation’s Capital. Winning is something that has only been felt four seasons in the last 15 years.

Jay Gruden comes from a small but strong pedigree. His dad, Jim, was a successful coach at all levels.…


2014 NFL Training Camp: Optimism in the air

There’s no better time of year than when the 2014 NFL Training Camps open. Coaches and players alike are telling the world that they can win Super Bowl XLVIX; all 32 of them! Optimism is in the air, and it starts next month.

The Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens open their camps to rookies on July 16th. Veterans for the Ravens come in a week later while the Bills veterans will arrive on the 19th. The latest any of the 32 camps will open on the 25th.…