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Can Gruden bring back the Redskins winning ways?

To be a winner, at any level, takes many things. It takes pedigree, desire and experience. On January 9th, 2014 the Washington Redskins hired a man with all three intangibles, Jay Gruden. The hope is that he can bring winning back to the Nation’s Capital. Winning is something that has only been felt four seasons in the last 15 years.

Jay Gruden comes from a small but strong pedigree. His dad, Jim, was a successful coach at all levels.…


2014 NFL Training Camp: Optimism in the air

There’s no better time of year than when the 2014 NFL Training Camps open. Coaches and players alike are telling the world that they can win Super Bowl XLVIX; all 32 of them! Optimism is in the air, and it starts next month.

The Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens open their camps to rookies on July 16th. Veterans for the Ravens come in a week later while the Bills veterans will arrive on the 19th. The latest any of the 32 camps will open on the 25th.…


Washington Redskins will go from worst to first

In 2012 the Washington Redskins did something that they had not done since 1999, they won the NFC Eastern Division. Expectations were once again high as they entered the 2013 season. These expectations remained high even though their star player was not fully recovered from a horrific knee injury suffered at the end of that stellar 2012 season. Can the 2014 Washington Redskins once again go from worst to first in the NFC East? Yes they can, but it is for a reason you wouldn’t expect.…

Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys and teams who will surprise in 2014

The 2014 NFL Season is drawing near as the days go by. With the end of June, comes the start of training camp which leads to the pre-season and soon enough the regular season. For the Dallas Cowboys and these five teams, the regular season can’t get here quick enough.

nfl-parity-chartParity has ruled the NFL making it the most competitive major league sport. Free agency allows teams to sign difference makers who can make an impact and help them win.…