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Tim Tebow: Resurrecting the NFL dream


Thought Tebowmania was over? Think again. Rumor has it that despite being under contract with ESPN to be a college football analyst on the SEC Network, Tim Tebow is training hard this summer in hopes of resurrecting his NFL career. Of course, there is an out clause in this contract that would allow Tebow to leave ESPN if he does manage to land another NFL job. How likely is it that Tebow will play in the NFL again? Well, there are a few things to consider here. Sure, he was a household name. But we all know that it takes more than the popularity to succeed in the NFL. Among other things like passion and dedication, it requires talent, the ability to perform well under pressure, and most of all, consistency (Tebow’s biggest issue). For much of his short NFL career, Tebow lacked consistency. After a thrilling start with the Denver Broncos, he spent time with the New York Jets battling...

John Elway ended Tim Tebow’s career


Tim Tebow is the most polarizing NFL player of the recent era. If you combine the divide between analysts who think he will be a successful quarterback and those who think he would be better served as a tight end with his fan base and those who hate (truly hate) him, you aren’t going to find a more controversial player. Tebow was voted the favorite quarterback among Republicans (coincidentally the Manning brothers were voted favorite among Democrats). He is outspoken about his religious views, so much that he was in a Super Bowl commercial financed by a pro-life organization. There was even a neologism called “Tebowing” for when you get on one knee, put your fist to you head, simulating praying. Tebow’s number 15 Broncos jersey was a top seller in 2010, as a backup. That’s quite the divide In his rookie season, Tebow didn’t start a game until the man who drafted him, Josh McDaniels,...