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Redskins the real winners of the RG3 trade

With the selection of Greg Robinson on Thursday, the final piece of the 2012 pre-draft blockbuster trade has been accounted for. In the end, the St. Louis Rams received eight players and the Washington Redskins received just one. On the surface it would easy to say St. Louis won this deal, but looking closer, the Redskins are the real winners of the RG3 trade.

The original deal: Washington gave up three first round picks (2012, 2013 and 2014) and a 2nd round pick in 2012. Through various trades over the last three drafts, St. Louis ended up with an absolute haul.

Without the trade specifics, here is what the Rams ended up with: Greg Robinson, Alec Ogletree, Stedman Baily, Zac Stacy, Michael Brockers, Janoris Jenkins, Isaiah Paed and Rokevious Watkins.

The Redskins ended up with Robert Griffin III.

Rg3That’s a one heck of a package right there, but the NFL has become a pass happy, quarterback geared league and after all those picks and all the trades, the fact is the St. Louis Rams still do not have a quarterback who can be considered elite. The Redskins do as long as Robert Griffin III stays healthy.

Let’s say he is healthy and will return to form of his rookie year. If that is the case, the Redskins made out better. Even taking into consideration the craziness of last year, I would still prefer RGIII over 2/3 of the league’s quarterbacks.

This is not an article intended to bash Sam Bradford. I think Bradford will go down as one of the more notable “what if’s” in most recent drafts, as in, “what if the guy could just stay healthy”. But he hasn’t and I am not sure his body is equipped to handle the type of hits it will take week in and week out.

Now to be clear,  the St. Louis Rams made exceptional picks and are well on their way to competing in the best division in football. The pieces they acquired will keep them in every game and give them every opportunity to steadily improve, but you will not win in today’s NFL without an elite QB and RGIII is that elite player.

Redskins still looking for RG3 to pay dividends

The Washington Redskins took an enormous risk selecting Robert Griffin III in the 2012 NFL Draft and it still hasn’t paid dividends for them.

Did he lead the Redskins to a 10-6 team in 2012? Did he re energize a fan base that has been in a bit of a slump for a couple of decades? Sure, but take a look at what happened in 2013.

He hasn’t led the Redskins to a Super Bowl Championship or even the playoffs in 2013. One can’t say he won’t have knee problems ever again and the lack of a first round pick will continue to hurt this franchise for the foreseeable future.

First round picks are golden and a lot of the problems the Redskins had in 2013 could be solved with that first round pick that now belonged to the St. Louis Rams.

The bottom-line is that the injury issues with Griffin put a lot of uncertainty on the future of this Redskins team because it makes it so much harder to find pieces to fill the puzzle. I’m not saying the 2014 NFL draft will be a disaster for the Redskins either, but giving up that many first rounders for one injury prone player may be too much of a risk to make. Great quarterbacks don’t win championships; great quarterbacks with halfway decent teams win championships. And Griffin may become a great quarterback, but if he doesn’t have a halfway decent team around him, then he’ll have to wait even longer to deliver the promise that came with his cost.

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