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TPF’s Fives: Week 12 Rankings

Do I need to still keep saying “another whacky week?” At this point, isn’t it just a standard week? I guess that doesn’t have as much flare to it though. Someone think of a really fun word for “standard” and send it to me on Twitter. There was a last minute change to Arizona this week, and Dallas crept back into the top five. Despite a win, and the return of LeSean McCoy, Philly is still outside of the top-five bubble.…

Real Robert Griffin III please stand up, he has!

In the NFL, the quarterback is often seen as the staple of a team. If a roster does not have a franchise QB the team is mediocre at best. In 2012, the Washington Redskins thought that they had finally drafted the guy to become that franchise QB. Turns out they may have been wrong. Would the real Robert Griffin III please stand up, wait, he has!

Now don’t get me wrong, in 2012 I was as enamored with this kid just as the rest of the league and Redskins fans were.…

NFL Shield

NFL Election Day 2014: Head Coaches

Election Day is tomorrow here in the United States, but here on The Penalty Flag I’m conducting the first ever NFL Election. That’s right folks, today I will put into a ballot a list of head coaches who are on the verge of getting fired,  or whether some starting quarterbacks deserve to keep their job. This is meant to be a fun article so I am happily encouraging all comments as I like to hear from you.…