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Who should be the starting QB for Washington?

When Kirk Cousins replaced Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins’ offense dominated the Jaguars’ defense. But, RG3 is the coveted first round pick they traded so much away just to land? Who should be the starting QB for Washington?

The answer is clear, but I’m not sure the owner and coaching staff will make it.

Robert Griffin III
Robert Griffin III

In his first season, RG III was an effective quarterback. Much of his success was based on his ability to run; to execute the ‘read-option’ style offense.…

Harrison and others clamoring for Cousins need to back off

It’s obvious that Robert Griffin III is and still will be the guy for the Washington Redskins. In 2012, he went 20-31 for 193 yards, two touchdowns and had no picks in three preseason games. In 2014, he was 13-20 for 141 yards amassed across four games. Although he had only one fumble lost (he had two prior to the regular season of 2012), he had two interceptions, and alarmingly, no touchdowns.

The eyeball test was roughly the same: conservative and reserved game plan, coupled with limited playing time, but the translation was solid for Week 1.…

Robert Griffin III needs to return to RG3

In 2013, the Washington Redskins and RG3 were “all in for Week 1.” At the time, no one knew how the season would play out. Sure RG3 looked healthy but was he really? Only time would tell. It did not take long for the league, announcers and fans to realize that RG3 was still feeling the effects of his devastating injury. RG3 was no longer RG3; he had become Robert Griffin III. In order for the Washington Redskins to be successful in 2014 they need Robert Griffin III to once again be RG3.…

2014 NFL season predictions

This is a dawning of a new season in the football world and with the new season come many predictions. Most predictions fail to come to fruition, but that does not stop analysts and the average Joe from making them.

Tony Romo will not finish the season as the starting quarterback for the Cowboys: He may make a great effort to last the entire season, but his back won’t stand up to the rigors of an NFL season.…

2014 Washington Redskins season win total prediction

It should be an exciting first season under new head coach Jay Gruden, but the Las Vegas Hilton doesn’t see that translating into wins. The 2014 Washington Redskins season win total sits at 7.5.

If things get off to a good start for Robert Griffin III on offense then, I think they have a chance to continue that success all season long. But if things stall early on, I think it will be a sign of things to come for the entire season.…