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Oakland Raiders helmet, uniform, logo concepts

Did you know the Oakland Raiders were once named the Oakland Señors? Not as scary as Raider Nation would like, but a “name the team” contest held by the Oakland Tribune produced the winner. The team name became such a joke they changed their name just nine days after. 

Over the years a number of devoted fans and designers have taken their shot at redesigning the Oakland Raiders helmets, uniforms and logos. Could you imagine Darren McFadden or Derek Carr in one of these 53 different images?

Featured are a number of Oakland Raiders helmets, uniforms, and logo designs. Some are interesting options that fans may like and others may strike  a nerve with some fans.

Images are by multiple authors including, Charles Sollers, a photographer from Missouri for Rivals.com. By now you have probably seen some of Sollers work as he also has provided numerous images of college helmets and uniforms.

Also featured are the new Nike Pro Combat uniform designs by Brandon Moore. Brandon Moore is a graduate of Full Sail University with an Associates of Science degree in Graphic Design. He specializes in logo design and branding.

The gallery also displays work by Mr. Design Junkie, who has created numerous creative images that spread around the internet.

If your images are shown please contact us so we can give credit where credit it due.

The main difference between the NFL and college football is the sense of tradition. From the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys to the Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills of the AFL, the NFL has tradition, but would something like this ruin it?

Which are your favorites?


Oakland Raiders draft the most NFL-ready quarterback

Derek Carr, the brother of David Carr, once was one of the top prospects of the 2014 NFL Draft. Now he’s ready to take the Oakland Raiders to the promise land. 
The complete opposite of Johnny Manziel, he’s married with a child and has no questions surrounding the drama he’s been involved with.

Carr was named the Mountain West Offensive Player of the Year for two consecutive seasons. In 2013 he completed 453 passes for an astonishing 5,082 yards and 50 touchdowns in 13 starts.

He’s only the fourth quarterback in college history to throw for more than 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns.

Derek CarrPlaying in a pass-happy, shotgun offense like Fresno state did nothing but help him prepare for the NFL.

While many focus on his throwing skills, according to CBSSportsline.com, “The most underrated element of Carr’s game is his athleticism. Good vision, lateral agility and speed to elude. Typically keeps his eyes downfield and completes passes when receivers are able to break open late, but also shows the decisiveness to scramble when easy yards are available”

The sky was the limit for Carr, but one sub-par performance against USC in the Las Vegas Bowl sent him plummeting and below Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles in mock drafts.

Time will tell, but the Oakland Raiders just grabbed the franchise quarterback they’ve needed.


Hue Jackson screwed the Oakland Raiders

Mike Brown worked one of the best deals in Cincinnati  Bengals history when he traded quarterback Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders for their 2013 first round draft pick. With that pick the Bengals addressed a specific need on defense by picking up Dre Kirkpatrick. In addition, they also picked up a second round selection in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Hue Jackson screwed the Oakland Raiders by advising the Raiders front office to make the trade for Carson Palmer.  Now, the Bengals have said thank you buy making him their offensive coordinator.

At the time of the trade he was the head coach of the Raiders but was fired in 2012 after only one season.  In his lone season as head coach, the Raiders finished the season with a record of 8–8 and missed the playoffs, after starting the season 7–4

Like Hue Jackson, Carson Palmer never panned out for the Oakland Raiders. When asked about the difference between Andy Dalton and Carson Palmer Bengals’ offensive guard Bobbie Williams said,

 “Andy brings something that Carson didn’t, and I’m not knocking Carson. A little bit more passion. I’m not saying Carson isn’t passionate, but Andy brings a little bit more.”

Carson PalmerThe lack of urgency was seen from Palmer for the eight years as he attempted to run the Bengals offense. He did lead them to two division titles, so he did have some value to offer to the Raiders. What the Raiders fans don’t remember is that Carson could not keep the ball out of defenders hands as he threw 20 interceptions his last season with the Bengals, but also connected for 26 touchdown passes with his receivers. That trend continued with Oakland as he threw 30 interceptions over his two year tenure.

The Raiders staff needs to remember that Palmer suffered an injury against the Steelers in 2004, which was a knee injury described by doctors as devastating and potentially career-ending, involving numerous ligament tears, a shredded ligament, damaged cartilage and a dislocated kneecap. He recovered after nine months of intense rehabilitation, but his mobility has suffered ever since evidenced by his 84 sacks since that time.