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TPF Fives: Week 7 Rankings

You want some Week 7 Rankings? Of course, we all do. The Top Five and the Bottom Five haven’t changed too much, but there are some newcomers. The Five in the Middle is where the action is at. Those are teams that are hovering near the top or sinking towards the bottom. Take a look in this week’s TPF Fives.

The Top Five

OD_8bitBack-DEN#1. Denver Broncos [5-1]
Denver has been on a mission since February 3, 2014.…

The TPF Fives: Week 6 Rankings

It’s safe to view these Week 6 Rankings as a reflection of the week (and maybe a few games prior), more than a complete review of the team for the year so far. Why? Well, have you watched football at all this year? Most teams are floating around 3-3 and it’s been pretty hard to get a handle on the identity of anyone. Dallas beat Seattle, in Seattle! Oakland almost topples San Diego. And Philly silenced the the noise coming out of New York.…


TPF Fives: Week 5 Rankings

The Week 5 Rankings are here! Five teams on the top, five teams on the bottom, and five more teams in between (in no discernable order). Like a 15 layer word sandwich. Some of you will give high fives, or the classic low five, if your team has landed in the top five. Some of you will have a five second, downtrodden head shake if your team has sunk into the bottom five. And the rest of you will just have a glossed look on your face by the end of this sentence.…