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NFL Shield

NFL Election Day 2014: Head Coaches

Election Day is tomorrow here in the United States, but here on The Penalty Flag I’m conducting the first ever NFL Election. That’s right folks, today I will put into a ballot a list of head coaches who are on the verge of getting fired,  or whether some starting quarterbacks deserve to keep their job. This is meant to be a fun article so I am happily encouraging all comments as I like to hear from you.…

NFL: Say Goodbye to London…. for good

For the NFL, expanding into London has been one of the main projects under Roger Goodell. The NFL has exported games over to London since 2007 and has seen an increase to three games this season.  While the NFL is bent on taking over the London market, it’s time for the NFL to realize nobody in the United States or London wants a NFL team in London.

0ap3000000401149This weekend the Oakland Raiders host the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium.…

The Football Addict: How to Cope

Every football fan/addict wants one thing… More Football!!!!!

As the regular season gets under way, we get our fill with so many games going on at once, and depending on your TV provider, some are fortunate to be able to watch them all.

PlaymakersWhat about after the final whistle blows? Where do football fans go once the confetti drops at the big game? After the end of the season, we are fortunate enough to be able to talk about the game for a while, and then what the next year has in store.…