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NFL Free Agency: Winners and Losers

If you have been living under a rock, NFL Free Agency is under way. Most media outlets immediately want to name a team who has won or lost free agency after a week. Not me. I have sat on this article for a couple weeks waiting out to see all the moves teams make.

With enough time past and teams getting more and more prepared for the 2014 NFL Draft, here are the winners and losers of NFL Free Agency.…

Dion Jordan

Dolphins shopping 1st round draft pick

The Miami Dolphins traded up in the 2012 NFL Draft to pick Dion Jordan in the first round, now a year later, they’re in discussing into trading a young promising defensive player. Why are they shopping around someone they traded up for? What is his value? Who would take him?

Dion Jordan was a high draft pick going into the draft, the Dolphins moved up to pick him so he could pair up on the opposite side with Cameron Wake.…


What should the Miami Dolphins focus on this off-season?

Miami Dolphins are coming off a disappointing season where they finished 8-8 with a  2-4 record  in AFC East conference.

The team was tormented all season with the Richie Incognito and Johnathan Martin bullying scandal, where it lead up to question as to how was the chemistry in the locker room, did the coaches have any hold of the team, and what else went on behind the locker room?

Miami spent all 2013 off-season using money to build up a team.…