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Lamar Miller: 2014 Fantasy Sleeper

When the former starting running back in Denver moved over to the Miami Dolphins a number of critics saw Lamar Miller’s chances at becoming a star decrease. But Knowshon Moreno has been dealing with injuries this offseason, and Miller has taken advantage, showing off skills similar to Cincinnati Bengals running back Giovani Bernard during the late parts of last season and training camp this year.

Miller has the capability to break plays open and runaway from defenders.…

2014 Miami Dolphins season win total prediction

The Miami Dolphins are a quality team, but looking over their schedule, they won’t beat many of the teams they face. The Las Vegas Hilton has the 2014 Miami Dolphins season win total at eight.

Ryan Tannehill should benefit from an improved offensive line, but the running game will continue to be a major question mark. This will leave plenty of teams able to stay deep and eliminate Mike Wallace, their only true threat at WR.…

Mike Pouncey

Dolphins Suffer a Crippling Blow Before Camp Begins

Mike Pouncey is one of only two remaining members who played on the Miami Dolphins’ offensive line in 2013. It was announced Monday that he will not be available for at least three months. The Dolphins suffer a crippling blow long before camp begins.

To illustrate how important Pouncey is to the Dolphins, I must relate the story of his brother.

Mike Pouncey’s older brother, Maurkice Pouncey, was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010. He was the rookie Defensive Player of the Year.…

Miami Dolphins

NFL team names under scrutiny

Recently, the Washington Redskins had their trademark taken away and many are up in arms about it. The next step; taking away the team’s name altogether. Even though the Washington franchise changed their name once before (in 1936 with the blessing of then head coach and Native-American Lone Star Dietz) the Federal Government feels the name is too “disparaging” and time for a change. Maybe they’re right, but why stop there? There are plenty of teams that might be “pushing the envelope” just a bit.…


NFL coaches already on the hot seat

The regular season might be thirteen weeks away but I’m already firing NFL head coaches. Some may say I’m being a bit premature, but I would say to look at the NFL track record of coaching turnover and I would say that I am right on time.

During the offseason anywhere from five to eight coaches are shown the door. Here’s a few names I see as potential Black Monday targets.

Mike Smith, Atlanta Falcons: Owner Arthur Blank does not like to lose.…