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NFL team names under scrutiny


Recently, the Washington Redskins had their trademark taken away and many are up in arms about it. The next step; taking away the team’s name altogether. Even though the Washington franchise changed their name once before (in 1936 with the blessing of then head coach and Native-American Lone Star Dietz) the Federal Government feels the name is too “disparaging” and time for a change. Maybe they’re right, but why stop there? There are plenty of teams that might be “pushing the envelope” just a bit. For this all-inclusive world we live in, here are some other teams that the Feds might want to consider going after next. Cleveland Browns: Look, if “Redskins” is offensive, then the “Browns” is right there too. What are they playing at? Sure, they say the team is named after the supposed “father of modern football” Paul Brown, but it seems a little too sketchy if you ask me. Tones of...

Miami Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey: Who is he?


The Miami Dolphins finally sealed the deal and found a new GM.  Is this a piece the Dolphins have been missing or will this be more years of disappointment? Dennis Hickey wasn’t the Dolphins’ first choice. Far from. Hickey agreed early Sunday to become the team’s latest general manager, the Dolphins announced, but only after the team wooed two others Nick Caserio and Lake Dawson who had issues with the team’s power structure. A third finalist, Ray Farmer, wouldn’t even agree for a final interview. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin will continue to oversee his coaching staff and also will answer only to Ross. What Does Dennis Hickey bring to the table? Dennis Hickey  comes to Miami with a 28-52 record as a GM before being fired by Tampa Bay Buccaneers , but it’s not his record that attracted him to Miami, its his education on players.  Hickey was very much involved in the Buccaneers’...