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Good News for the NFL

As the truth about the Ray Rice debacle is being revealed; the NFL and Commissioner Goodell are rightfully receiving some very bad press. And, the facts is, I and others have been calling for Dictator Goodell’s resignation for months, and for multiple reasons. But I’m very tired of the negativity and this issue in particular. Let’s talk about some good news for the NFL.

The best news is that it’s back! The next best news is that the first week has shown that fans can expect an interesting year.…

Time to panic in New England?

Sunday was a joyous occasion for some and not so much for others. The Miami Dolphins topping the New England Patriots showed us more about how Miami’s season may play out than it did about New England’s.

Is it really time to panic in New England? Not at all. Look, the Patriots have been known to be a little shaky at the start of the season. Traveling to Miami and dropping to 0-1 does not mean the wheels are falling off and Coach Belichick has turned into an idiot.…

3 must watch NFL games for Week 1

Excitement is growing for a new NFL season, and there are three games on the schedule that could be considered must watch.

Not many are looking forward to the Miami Dolphins against the New England Patriots, unless of course you’re a fan of either team, but the matchup between these two is perfect for Week 1.

Looking at the numbers from Tom Brady and Ryan Tannehill, they are very similar from last year. Even though Brady had 430 more yards last year, he only had one more touchdown pass than Tannehill.…

Lamar Miller: 2014 Fantasy Sleeper

When the former starting running back in Denver moved over to the Miami Dolphins a number of critics saw Lamar Miller’s chances at becoming a star decrease. But Knowshon Moreno has been dealing with injuries this offseason, and Miller has taken advantage, showing off skills similar to Cincinnati Bengals running back Giovani Bernard during the late parts of last season and training camp this year.

Miller has the capability to break plays open and runaway from defenders.…

2014 Miami Dolphins season win total prediction

The Miami Dolphins are a quality team, but looking over their schedule, they won’t beat many of the teams they face. The Las Vegas Hilton has the 2014 Miami Dolphins season win total at eight.

Ryan Tannehill should benefit from an improved offensive line, but the running game will continue to be a major question mark. This will leave plenty of teams able to stay deep and eliminate Mike Wallace, their only true threat at WR.…