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From small town Connecticut to the NFL

When you think of Windsor, a suburb of Hartford, with a population of about 30,000, you think of tobacco fields, Bart’s Drive in and it being Connecticut’s first town. Nothing all that interesting. But NFL players?

When it comes to famous names that come from Windsor you think of Oliver Ellsworth, the third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and also a member of the Continental Congress. Or perhaps “Big Al” Anderson, former lead guitarist of NRBQ and writer of Tim McGraw’s number one hit “The Cowboy in Me”.…

Peyton Manning

Seahawks have Peyton Manning’s number

The embarrassing 43-8 beat down the Seattle Seahawks handed the Denver Broncos was no fluke. It was not a fixed game or a lucky day. Nor was the 40-10 blowout the Seahawks delivered Denver during the preseason that same year. Simply put, the Seattle Seahawks are built to beat the Denver Broncos.

Denver’s elite offense relies on timing and rhythm. It’s effective because Peyton Manning can anticipate where a given receiver will be, which allows for faster decision-making, a quicker release and less time that the offensive line needs to hold their blocks.…

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos: Is this our year?

Hey, Denver Broncos is this our year? I know I am the typical fan which includes themselves as a member of the team. I have never been on the field taking bone jarring hits. I don’t contribute to any points scored, and I don’t get injured. I am just a fan asking and pleading to please let this be our year!

I am going to sound like a broken record, but Peyton Manning isn’t getting any younger.…

Denver Broncos

Broncos were forced to make changes

After an embarrassing showing in the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos had to make some changes – most of these being on defense. The offense has also made some changes; however, it is unlikely the offense, led by the Peyton Manning passing attack, will be slowed down much.

The defense ranked 7th at stopping the run and a dismal 27th vs. the passing attack last year, should show considerable improvement. The Broncos let longtime, and past his prime cornerback Champ Bailey, go to Miami.…