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TPF’s Fives: Week 15 Rankings

Kind of slapping things together this week folks. I could give you the excuse that the holidays are on us like wrapping paper on gift boxes, but it’s the same stuff that many of you are going through. At this time of the season, things slow down to a near pre-season crawl. Some teams are mailing-it-in more than I am, but there are plenty of them with something to play for. That seals it, I am in “playoff” mode right now.…


TPF’s Fives: Week 14 Rankings

Surprisingly, not much has shifted amongst this rankings. The Top and Bottom are pretty close to be the same as last week…except for the fact that Oakland is no longer in the Bottom! Congrats Raiders fans, you guys deserved a big win. The Middle would have pretty much consisted of the same teams as last week, minus Miami dropping out and Indy moving in. So, this week’s Middle will focus on the teams that are in-the-hunt for the playoffs.…

Philip Rivers

TPF’s Fives: Week 13 Rankings

The Falcons beat the Cardinals. So, that means they’re the best team right now, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. This season has been all over the place (you may have seen me write that before) as it is, so the win wasn’t exactly a shock. Shocking is when the Jaguars top the Giants and the Saints grab a win…on the road! Since the Cardinals did in fact lose, the Top Five saw a lot of movement this week.…