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TPF Fives: Week 3 Rankings

I bring further love of lists to TPF with our Power Rankings. Except I do it a little differently. Instead of listing off all 32 teams and where they fit next to each other, I compartmentalized the project into “The Fives.” The top five teams, the bottom five teams, and five teams that are somewhere in between. C’mon you and I both know that all we care about is who’s on top, and who’s on the bottom.…

The real Denver Broncos showed up

The real Denver Broncos showed up. I was feeling uneasy about this year’s defense, and I was right. The Broncos defense gave up 255 yards passing and 129 yards rushing against the Seattle Seahawks. These numbers are higher than the average the defense gave up in the 2013 season. Don’t get me wrong, the Seattle Seahawks are tough and we know the last few years Seattle has had Denver’s number.

Montee BallThe Broncos can say they do own the regular season games match-ups going 34-18.…

Broncos defense isn’t much of an improvement

The other day on ESPN I read how the Denver Broncos defense is playing much better compared to last season. It made me wonder, were they watching the same game?

The Broncos allowed the Indianapolis Colts 24 points and last season the Denver defense allowed their opponents 24.9. What’s so different other than a Broncos win?

Denver Broncos versus the Indianapolis ColtsThe Broncos pass defense was atrocious and allowed Andrew Luck to throw for 370 yards. Not much of a change from 2013 when they were 27th overall allowing 254.4 passing yards per game.…

Peyton still reigns, but Luck is on his way

Three early first half touchdowns by Peyton Manning to Julius Thomas put the Denver Broncos safely in the lead, but Andrew Luck continues to prove he’s never out of it. Another season, another Andrew Luck comeback. Peyton still reigns, but Luck is on his way to greatness.

A number of people shook their heads  and wondered why the Indianapolis Colts decided to let Peyton Manning walk away, but it’s obvious now that Andrew Luck represents the Colts future.…

Players, not Owners are Ruining the NFL

Weeks ago I predicted that the San Diego Chargers would win the AFC West. Now I’m sure of it. I doubt that the Denver Broncos can survive another player loss. The situation may very well result in another lost season. Players, not owners are ruining the greatest game.

September 2nd the Broncos’ star slot receiver, Wes Welker, was suspended for four games because of amphetamine use.

Welker, who has had several concussions, forcing him to lose playing time, is key to Peyton Manning’s ability to sustain drives.…