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WWE stars who played professional football

Most people aren’t aware, but many of today’s WWE stars once played professional football. There’s a long list of players who couldn’t make it into the NFL, but here’s a few surprise WWE stars who played professional football.

Bill Goldberg: This WWE star attended the University of Georgia where he played defensive tackle. Goldberg was drafted in the 11th round in the 1990 NFL Draft by the LA Rams and had a stint with the Atlanta Falcons from the 1992 season until 1994.…

What we’ve learned from NFL Preseason Week 2

Another week of football. Another week of wild speculations and crazy analysis. A few interesting matchups took place: the Tennessee Titans went toe-to-toe with the New Orleans Saints, the Detroit Lions showed they still know how to let opponents hang around, and the world finally got to sink their teeth into Manziel vs. RG3. Geez, you would have thought it was a college bowl game (that mattered) the way it was being promoted. Fret not, there is more semi-inconsequential football talk below.…

Chris Crocker and the domino effect

It was only a matter of time before an ex-member of the Bengals jumped ship to the Minnesota Vikings.  I just thought it might have been earlier in the off-season.

The signing of longtime Zimmer favorite, Chris Crocker, is a move that’s going to make waves in an already vicious training camp battle.  People that might have been considered safe just a week ago might be on the verge of packing their bags and dipping their toes in the free agent market.…

2014 Atlanta Falcons season win total prediction

The minute Week 17 of the 2013 NFL season ended, Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons quickly put last season out of their mind. The Las Vegas Hilton has the 2014 Atlanta Falcons season win total at eight.

While last year is gone, I’m not sure if they will be better this season. I certainly don’t see them as a playoff team.

After losing their best linebacker, Sean Weatherspoon for the season they already see flashes of last season.…

Can Matt Ryan and the Falcons rebound?

An expected Super Bowl contender riddled with injuries; the Falcons had a tough start to the season, finishing with a 4–12 record and failing to improve their 13–3 record from 2012.

Over the last few years the word “elite” seems to define an NFL quarterback, but what makes a quarterback elite and is Matt Ryan the quarterback to take the Falcons to the Super Bowl?

It does not seem there are predetermined factors that allow us to give the elite title to a player.…