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Matt Ryan: Pro-files

Drafted from Boston College in 2008, Matt Ryan grew up athletically talented and a clutch performer in all of the sports that he played. He earned his nickname because of his cool demeanor under pressure.  His high-school teammate’s stated that it was as if he had ice-water pumping through his veins during sticky situations, they would eventually deem him “Matty-Ice.” The teenage nickname would become like glue and stick to Matt Ryan throughout his college and professional football career with the Atlanta Falcons.…


Tony Gonzalez: Pro-files

Drafted 13th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs, Tony Gonzalez was determined to create a legacy like no other.

You see, the first time I heard of Tony Gonzalez he was playing in the NCAA March Madness Tournament against the California Bears. He then played for the North Carolina Tarheels.

Gonzalez was a big, athletic forward who could really get up and down the floor. I remember his great hands and the talk of him playing in the NFL.…

Matt Ryan Lg

Matt Ryan elite or not?

Over the last few years the word “elite” seems to define an NFL quarterback.

What makes a quarterback elite?

It does not seem there are predetermined factors that allow us to give that title to a player.

Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons is one of the best young quarterbacks in the game, elite or not.

Matt RyanWhile he might not be elite, to those imaginary standards, Ryan had more regular season wins in his first five seasons than any other quarterback in the league.…