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Peyton still reigns, but Luck is on his way

Three early first half touchdowns by Peyton Manning to Julius Thomas put the Denver Broncos safely in the lead, but Andrew Luck continues to prove he’s never out of it. Another season, another Andrew Luck comeback. Peyton still reigns, but Luck is on his way to greatness.

A number of people shook their heads  and wondered why the Indianapolis Colts decided to let Peyton Manning walk away, but it’s obvious now that Andrew Luck represents the Colts future.

Peyton Manning - Andrew LuckHe might not be the superstar Peyton Manning is right now, but Luck’s starting to show signs that he is undoubtedly the future of the NFL.

Luck was given an almost impossible task of replacing the great Peyton Manning and has done a pretty damn good job doing so. He took an ordinary Colts teams to the playoffs his first two years, won the AFC South in 2013 and won a spectacular playoff game in comeback fashion. It took Peyton Manning five NFL seasons to win his first playoff game and Luck’s stats are far superior to Manning’s in his first few years.

How a team became so lucky to find not only one great quarterback, but to have back-to-back stand out quarterbacks is beyond me. Somehow, someway Jim Irsay did something right.

Welcome to the future of the NFL quarterback

The future of the NFL is upon us with quarterbacks like Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton as examples. Here’s a look at the future and the five franchise QB’s in the NFL.

5.  Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins : It’s no doubt why RG3 made this list with his spectacular play-making ability. His rookie season he put up 3,200 passing yards with 20 passing TD’s and only 5 int’s, and adding 815 rushing yards with 7 rushing TD’s as well. While he had a lackluster 2013 we will just chop that up to his injury at the end of 2012 season. We can fully expect him to bounce back to his peak form in 2014.

Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick

4. Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers : Next on the list is Colin Kaepernick. While he was not drafted highly like RG3 he is just as spectacular to watch drafted 36th overall in the 2011 NFL draft. He replaced the injured Alex Smith in 2012 and lead the 49ers to the playoffs and then to the Super Bowl against the Baltimore Ravens. While his team came up short he had proven his place in the NFL. In his first full season as a starter in 2013 Kaepernick had 21 passing TD’s and 8 int’s to go along with 524 rushing yards and 4 rushing TD’s. One thing is for sure Kaepernick has brought the 49ers’ faithful back to their glory days and for that he deserves to be in the future five.

3. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers : Newton unlike all the previously mentioned, is not only an athletic freak, but also has a large frame which makes him even more impressive. Drafted 1st overall in the 2011 NFL Draft, Newton had the best rookie season of any QB in the history of the NFL. Throwing for 4,051 passing yards, 21 TD’s and 17 int’s with the addition of 706 rushing yards and 14 TD’s was astounding.  While not living up to the hype in his sophomore campaign, he bounced back in 2013 to lead the Panthers back to the playoffs for the first time since 2008. It looks like the Carolina Panthers may have found their first franchise QB. Now all they need is to put the right pieces around him and that is when the real magic will happen.

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson

2. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks : Wilson, like Kaepernick, was not labeled great coming out of college as he was drafted in the 3rd round 75th overall. While the Seahawks just gave a huge pay-day to Matt Flynn, it was Wilson that would beat out him for the starting gig. After watching him play, it was easy to see why he was chosen. Even though Wilson has a small frame at 5’11 206 lbs he’s the shortest of the future 5, but he has the skills to get out of the pocket and make the big play. The highlight of Wilson’s young career is leading his Seahawks to a Lombardi trophy at the end of the 2013 season by beating Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

1. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts : Luck had a huge task being drafted by the Colts first overall in the 2012 NFL Draft. Following Peyton Manning was no easy job. Well, he has more than lived up to the hype and has already been named a two-time Pro Bowl quarterback. Much like Newton, Luck is big and athletic as well. Luck has already passed for 8,196 yards and had 46 TD’s with 27 int’s to go along with 632 rushing yards and 9 TD’s. The reason I have Luck first on my list of the future 5 is very simple he is the only one that has the complete package of size, speed, and smarts. While all the rest are great in their own right Luck is in a league of his own. The future of these NFL stars is bright as well as the NFL’s future to so just sit back and lets all enjoy the ride.

Luck no Peyton, but he’s on his way

Andrew Luck had huge shoes to fill after being drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 2012 after the departure of legendary QB Peyton Manning.Surprisingly Luck filled those shoes better than many ever expected. Comparing his stats with Manning’s his rookie season, Andrew Luck put up pretty much the same numbers.

While their respective rookie seasons were closely correlated, their sophomore campaigns remain somewhat different. Peyton Manning went on to greatly improve his stats his second year in the league polishing his passer rating from 71.2 to 90.7 while Andrew Luck seems to have hit a few speed bumps during his second year.

However, is Andrew Luck really a victim of the notorious sophomore slump or are we just being too hard on him?

Considering he was thrown into the league expected to take over where Manning left off, Andrew Luck didn’t do as bad his sophomore season as we may have originally thought.

Andrew-LuckWhile Luck may not have thrown for as many yards this year as last year, trailing last year’s record by 552 yards, he still managed to improve his completion percentage by six percent and cut his interceptions in half. He’s also managed to keep the fumbles to a minimum, decreasing that number from nine to five.

Luck also has a certain talent Manning never fully possessed; he can run the ball!

He attempted 63 rushes this season for 377 yards, while last season he attempted 62 for 255 yards. A vast improvement on behalf of his rushing attempts. He even managed to score four touchdowns himself on those rushes.

Overall, his performance seems to be pretty consistent for a relatively new quarterback.

Basically, Andrew Luck’s “sophomore slump” is just an illusion brought on by a weak defense and a group of brand new receivers.

Looking at the numbers, there is no way Luck is solely to blame for what appears to be a miserable offensive season for the Colts. There is definitely not a sophomore slump in play as far as Andrew Luck is concerned. He is right where he should be for a quarterback thrust into the first string QB position expected to perform at the same level as his predecessor.

Statistically, he may not quite be up to Peyton’s playing level yet. But at this point, we should just be thankful that he isn’t playing like Curtis Painter.