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2014 Indianapolis Colts season win total prediction

One of the best NFL bets of the early season the 2014 Indianapolis Colts season win total is only at 9.5. Odds are they will lock up the AFC South early as Andrew Luck gets Reggie Wayne and Dwayne Allen back from injury.

The addition of wide receiver Hakeem Nicks should help Luck, and the offensive line should go from one of the worst to average but consistent.

I know that may not seem reassuring but as Colts fans know, last year was an atrocity.…

Cam Newton Superman

The next first-time Super Bowl winning QB is?

In the last ten Super Bowls, seven of those winning teams had quarterbacks who were first-time winners, including the last two seasons (Russell Wilson, Joe Flacco). If you look at the eight division winners last year, half of them have a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

There are lots of opportunities for quarterbacks to win their first title in the next couple of seasons, especially if you consider, Peyton Manning is 38, Tom Brady is 37, Drew Brees is 35, and Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning didn’t make the playoffs last season.…

2014 Fantasy Football: Top 10 fantasy quarterbacks

It’s no secret by now that the quarterback position is probably the deepest in fantasy football. You can wait pretty late in fantasy drafts and still get a guy that could vie for a spot inside the top-10 when it’s all said and done.

Still, before you go into your draft, you need to know who the top guys actually are, and in what order you need to be drafting them.

Does Peyton Manning still reign supreme?…

Welcome to the future of the NFL quarterback

The future of the NFL is upon us with quarterbacks like Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton as examples. Here’s a look at the future and the five franchise QB’s in the NFL.

5.  Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins : It’s no doubt why RG3 made this list with his spectacular play-making ability. His rookie season he put up 3,200 passing yards with 20 passing TD’s and only 5 int’s, and adding 815 rushing yards with 7 rushing TD’s as well.…

Andrew-Luck (1)

Andrew Luck: Quiet now, speaking loudly with his arm later

During the off season, and especially after the 2014 NFL Draft, there has been a great deal of discussion about quarterbacks; already on a team and recently drafted.  Not much has been said about Andrew Luck.  He’s quietly preparing for his season, and will surely speak loudly with his arm.

Much of what I have been reading is about Robert Griffin III.  Speculation about his physical condition and if he will be allowed to play similarly to his 2012 season are the most frequent topics.  It will be interesting how new Head Coach Jay Gruden will handle his star.…