Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks helmet, uniform, logo concept design

A number of designers have taken their shot at redesigning the Seattle Seahawks’ helmets and uniforms to their liking.

Could you imagine Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, or Golden Tate wearing something like this?trans San Diego Chargers helmet, uniform, logo concept design

Featured are a number of Seattle Seahawks’ concepts. Some are interesting options that fans may like and others may strike  a nerve with some fans.

Images are by multiple authors including, Charles Sollers, a photographer from Missouri for By now you have probably seen some of Sollers work as he also has provided numerous images of college helmets and uniforms.

Also featured are the new Nike Pro Combat uniform designs by Brandon Moore. Brandon Moore is a graduate of Full Sail University with an Associates of Science degree in Graphic Design. He specializes in logo design and branding.

In the gallery of Seattle Seahawks’ helmet and uniform concepts you will also see work by Mr. Design Junkie, who has created numerous creative images that spread around the internet.

If your images are shown please contact us so we can give credit where credit it due.

The main difference between the NFL and College Football is the sense of tradition. From the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys to the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills of the AFL, the NFL has tradition, but would something like this ruin it?

Which are your favorites?

3 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks helmet, uniform, logo concept design”

  1. It’s like that one thing your parents always told you with an open wound or something…”Quit playing with it!” I’m an artist myself and a lot of what I’m seeing is really ugly. The only thing I saw that I liked was some of the simpler designs. I did like the small numbers. The plaid was a “what were they thinking?!” one. You have just too much going on in some of these. STOP IT!

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