Larry Fitzgerald

Can Carson Palmer revive Larry Fitzgerald?

Sure, you may say to yourself – “Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t need to be revived.” However, Larry Fitzgerald’s numbers in 2012 were the worst they have been since his rookie season back in 2004.

It’s a common theme, one of the top receivers in the game limited by a inept quarterback. John Skeleton and Kevin Kolb  were nothing like Kurt Warner and the arena style play he brought to the offense.

Carson Palmer now becomes the man to throw the ball to the Cardinals’ six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver and it’s not just Fitzgerald who needs to bounce back.

Palmer had one of the most challenging years of his career with the Oakland Raiders, a transition that uprooted him from where he was drafted, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Carson Palmer

“Look, this is a big year for me, coming off my worst season as a pro,” Fitzgerald told USA TODAY Sports. “I know Carson wants to play well this year. This is a huge year, and we’re leaning on each other. It’s simple as that. I need him as bad as anybody, and I’m going to go out there and give everything I can for him.”

Fitzgerald vows his career-lows will not happen again, but no one is sure how Palmer and Fitzgerald will mesh together.

“It was a rough season, in all aspects,” Fitzgerald. “But it’s behind me now. I view that as a learning experience, something to never happen again. We’ve got a great new head coach and coordinator and system that have been brought in this year, and I’m excited about it. I think there will be some great opportunities.”

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