Antoine Winfield

Antoine Winfield ready to show Vikings what they’re missing

Antoine Winfield, now of the Seattle Seahawks, might not have much time left. 15 years have passed on a stellar NFL career. Much like the Buffalo Bills who passed on resigning Winfield in 2003, the Minnesota Vikings also decided they would be better off without his services.

While rehabbing his knee after surgery it was at the Vikings’ facility when he was called into Rick Spielman’s office and told he was being let go. Sure, after the Vikings had his contract off the books they wanted him back on a reduced deal but Winfield had already moved on.

“Once I took my nameplate off that locker, it was a wrap,” Winfield said. “It was time to go.”

Antoine Winfield

The Vikings managed to clear 7.25 million in a salary cap move, but Winfield took it personally.

Per, “The deal he accepted from Seattle was ultimately for less guaranteed money than the Vikings were offering as well. Per a source with knowledge of the deals, the Vikings were offering a fully guaranteed one-year, $3 million contract. The deal from Seattle is only for $2 million for just $1 million fully guaranteed. It can ultimately reach a total value of $3 million if Winfield meets thresholds for playing time and interceptions.”

Despite the Vikings making the playoffs last year, Winfield didn’t see them making a run for a ring this year. Instead, he believes the Seahawks could be his ticket to a championship.

Is he right?

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