2013 Seattle Seahawks Prediction: Part 1

Football season is almost upon us! That means for Seattle Seahawks fans that they can get excited for sports again, after months of watching the Mariners under perform. This only good thing about this summer as far as sports have gone, is watching Felix Hernandez pitch. But as much as I love baseball, it’s time to look ahead to the 2013 NFL season. If you’re a Hawks fan this may have been one of the most exciting off-seasons of all time, with the Cliff Avril and Percy Harvin signings, and having the Seahawks being one of the odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl. So now it’s time to make my predictions for the season. I will be breaking down each game the Hawks play and why I think they will either win or lose that game.

(I’m skipping the preseason because, who cares it’s the preseason.)

Week 1: Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers. Sunday, September 8th, 10:00 AM PDT 

In my opinion this is one of the most important games that the Hawks will play this year. It’s on the road, on the east coast, against a team who is good but not as good as Seattle. It’s a game Seattle needs to win considering they have San Francisco the following week and they don’t want the pressure of starting 0-2 hanging over their heads. I believe this game will be close until about half way through the third quarter when Russell Wilson will make a long pass for a TD, or Marshawn Lynch will bust off a huge run for a score and the Seahawks defense will hold Carolina the rest of the game.  The game will be a little closer than it should be, but the Hawks will come away with a win and eliminate some of their road demons early in the season.

Final Score 20-10 Seattle: Seahawks Record 1-0

Week 2: San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks. Sunday, September 15th, 5:30 PM PDT 

This game is huge for so many reason. It’s the Hawks first home game. It’s against one of the best teams in the NFL, who happens to be a division rival, and it will be the Hawks first prime time game of the season. As much as i would like to say this game will be a blowout like the last time the 49ers visited Seattle, I don’t believe it will. This game will be a nail biter. There will be big defensive stops, with a couple huge offensive plays from both teams. And i believe the game will be tied with two minutes left in the fourth quarter and it will be up to Russell Wilson to win Seattle the game. And i believe he will come through because Russell Wilson is clutch and he lives for clutch moments. It will be a huge win and a great start to the season for the Hawks.

Final Score 24-21 Seattle: Seahwks Record 2-0

Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Seattle Seahawks. Sunday, September 22nd, 1:25 PM PDT 

This will be the first really crushing win for Seattle. I expect Both Wilson and Lynch to have huge numbers and for a couple of our receivers to make some great plays. The Hawks defense will completely shut the Jags down and the 12th man will make it even harder on Jacksonville to move the ball. It will be a blowout. Not much else to say.

Final Score 31-3 Seattle: Seahawks Record 3-0

Week 4: Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Texans. Sunday, September 29th, 10:00 AM PDT 

I’m not a huge believer in Matt Schaub or in the Texans for that matter, but this will be the Seahawks first loss. The Seahawks defense won’t be as crisp and JJ Watt will sack Russell Wilson a few times and make him make some bad throws that will turn into points against Seattle. The Seahawks might make it interesting in the forth with a big play or two, but in the end the Seahawks get their first loss as the Texans prevail.

Final Score 27-17 Houston: Seahawks Record 3-1 

Week 5: Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts. Sunday, October 6th, 10:00 AM PDT 

This will be one of the Seahawks most exiting games this season. Two great young QB’s going against each other. I think Andrew Luck will be a great QB in this league. But I think the Seahawks secondary will give him a lot of trouble this game. Luck had 18 INT’s last year and i think the Hawks will take advantage of Luck’s inaccurate passes. Russell Wilson will win the battle between these two young QB’s and he will right the ship for the Seahawks after their first loss of the season.

Final Score 24-17 Seattle: Seahawks Record 4-1 

Week 6: Tennessee Titans vs. Seattle Seahawks. Sunday, October 13th, 1:05 PM PDT 

I think this game will be a little closer than the Jacksonville game because I am a believer in Jake Locker. But i still think Seattle wins this handily. Some big plays by the offense and defense get Seattle the win, and makes the 12th man happy.

Final score: 27-12 Seattle: 5-1 

Week 7: Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals. Thursday, October 17th, 5:25 PM PDT 

This game makes me nervous. Now this should be a game that the Seahawks win rather easily. But the Hawks will be on short rest, their on the road, and even though the Cardinals are the worst team in the NFC West they are still a division rival, which will make the game competitive. The Cardinals have a stout defense, and some play makers on the offense side of the ball. This game will be much closer than it should be. I believe it will come down to a Russell Wilson game winning drive to put this one away for the Seahawks.

Final score 24-21 Seattle: Seahawks Record 6-1 

Week 8: Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams. Monday, October 28th 5:40 PM PDT 

The Rams will make the playoffs this year as a wildcard. They are a very good team, and they made themselves even better with another good draft this year. It’s very important that the Seahawks win division games but this is one I think they will drop. It will be a close game all the way through but I just don’t see the Seahawks winning back to back road games. This time I believe it will be the Rams making a game winning drive that the Hawks defense will not be able to stop. I would love to be wrong on this pick, but i believe the Rams take this one.

Final Score 30-27 St. Louis: Seahawks Record 6-2

6-2 through the first 8 games of the season is a great start in my eyes and considering only one of those losses would be to a conference opponent, that makes it an even better first half for Seattle. Part two will be up some time this week.

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