Roddy White

Roddy White: Atlanta Falcons Player Profile

Sharod Lamor “Roddy” White is a superior athlete, a competitor, a champion, and a national superstar.  In High School it was apparent that he had athletic superiority over most people.  He was a four sport standout varsity athlete, he played football, baseball, soccer, and he wrestled.  He accelerated in every sport, however, in wrestling he was a two-time state champion, and in football he would be listed as one of the best high school athletes in the nation.  Roddy White would take the high road, and go play football at The University of Alabama Birmingham, he would play for all 4 years of his college eligibility.  Throughout his collegiate football career, his presence and his numbers would keep him in the National spotlight.  In his final year at UAB, he would lead the nation in receiving yards with 1,452 yards; he also would obtain an awe-inspiring 19.1 yard average. His size and abilities would make him highly sought after by all 32 NFL teams at the conclusion of his combine performance.

Roddy White had all of the ingredients that make up a prototypical number one professional level wide receiver, and he was drafted in the first round by The Atlanta Falcons in 2005.  He would see live action during his rookie campaign, but his early numbers would not for tale his legacy.  In his first two NFL seasons combined, he would not accumulate a 1000 receiving yards, leaving many of the fans wondering about his abilities.

Matt Ryan - Roddy WhiteIn 2007, despite a dreadful 4-12 regular season for The Atlanta Falcons, Roddy White would emerge onto the professional spotlight by becoming a big play 1,202 yard receiver, and a touchdown machine.  The Atlanta Falcons had its setbacks, but Roddy White showed no signs of quit.  The lack of positive strikes in the win column only appeared to make him better.  His superior athletic frame mixed with his understanding of professional football, and his growing confidence levels; would make him a dominating force for The Atlanta Falcons.  Between 2007 and 2012, 6 years total, he would earn a total of 7, 773 receiving yards as an Atlanta Falcon; staggering numbers that obviously bypass the NFL receiving corps sought after 1000 yard seasons.

After watching Roddy White over the years, it is apparent that his inner champion is never at rest. He is occasionally boisterous, flashy, and will get involved in some extracurricular jabber jawing with the opposition; but that is just his competitive edge beaming out.  Watching his sideline demeanor for nearly a decade, it is obvious that he is a competitor, champion, and professional first, a teammate second, and a goofball third.  He laughs and plays with all of his teammates after the professional aspect ceases, and it is a joy to watch.  One can’t help but watch his team interaction, and just smile; but when the chinstrap is buckled up, he is going to come at the opposition as a composed yet rabid quadruped, his fight is unmatched throughout the league.  He is full of passion, and it spills out in everything that he does.

Following the completion of the 2012 NFL season, Roddy White is showing no signs of decline after attaining 92 receptions for 1,351 yards and 7 touchdowns.  Now starting his 9th season as a professional wide receiver, without a doubt he is ready to get back to work.  The Atlanta Falcons are no longer a young and hopeful team; they are a dominating unit, with widespread talent across the board.  Roddy White is ready to take all of the pent-up frustration from prior defeat as an Atlanta Falcon, and showcase his attributes to the whole world.  Far too many times his champion self has had to bask in sorrow of a dismal season, or fall just short of glory.  Roddy White has endured much pain as an Atlanta Falcon, but it has only inspired him to fight harder, dig deeper, and play smarter.  The mentality of The 2013 Atlanta Falcons is more or less Super Bowl or bust, and it is a guarantee that the champion inside of Roddy White has no opposing feelings.  He has fought hard throughout his career, and wants to separate his self, and his team’s growing status from great to legendary.  Sport Historians of the future will look back at the 2013 NFL season and deem it, “The Rise of The Atlanta Falcons, and The legendary Roddy White.”


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