Marques Colston

Marques Colston: Steady dominance

The NFL is famous for developing overrated and underrated players year in and year out, because the most talkative guys get the most attention. Especially at the wide receiver position where getting attention from the media is almost a prerequisite, but that doesn’t mean they’re good wide receivers. But there is one wide receiver that isn’t as talkative among the whole bunch of receivers in the NFL and yet should be in the conversation as a top five wide receiver in the NFL. And that player is Marques Colston of the New Orleans Saints. He often gets overlooked, because he’s not the attention seeking type of wide receiver in the NFL.

He has a quiet demeanor on the sideline, but that doesn’t mean he’s not productive. Colston has had four consecutive 1,000 yard seasons since 2009. Colston has been in the NFL for seven seasons so far, and he has six 1,000 yard seasons. Calvin Johnson doesn’t have that production. Wes Welker doesn’t have that production. Colston just keeps having productive season after productive season in the NFL and nobody even brings up his name in the conversation.

If he keeps this production up, then he will break into the top five of wide receivers in touchdowns, receiving yards and receptions. And I have no doubt that he will, because Colston is steady dominance. He doesn’t have big highs and big lows, but he’s the type of receiver that will make big plays in any given game. He might even produce more if he was on another team, because of how the Saints offense is orchestrated, but the Saints offense doesn’t get off the ground without Colston. Would we even be talking about Drew Brees if it wasn’t for Colston?

You have to ask that question, because the Saints drafted Colston in the seventh-round in 2006. Colston was a long shot to make the team, and ended up leading the team in receiving production. The Saints turnaround would not exist without Colston, and he needs to be in the conversation. I’d even venture to say if he keeps this production up that he deserves consideration into the Hall of Fame. I don’t know what more Colston can do to get more attention, because he deserves it.

But I also know he doesn’t need it, and he doesn’t want it. And that’s the type of receiver I want on my team. He doesn’t need the attention, and he’ll show up every Sunday to play at a high level. You won’t find many wide receivers like that in the NFL. Colston is a top five receiver, because of that fact. And the NFL needs to catch up to this fact quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Marques Colston: Steady dominance”

  1. I agree 100%! He’s a class act and one the most talented WR I’ve seen in a long time. In a world full of ” it’s all about me” types ( Moss, Owens ect) it’s very refreshing to see a player who still plays ” for the love of the game” and not the money. Having zero interest in entering into Free Agency last offseason, he signed with the Saints in the eleventh hour for far less money then he could of got else where. That move made him a “Saint” in more ways then one as far as I’m concerned, not to mention, a proper role model for up and coming athletes. ” Keep up the good work Colston, your fans love and support you”!!!

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