Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler’s last stand with the Bears

Say what you will about Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Love or hate him, it’s do or die for Jay Cutler not just this Sunday, but possibly forever with the Chicago Bears.

As the Bears prepare to face their rival, the Green Bay Packers, it could be the last the city of Chicago sees of quarterback Jay Cutler. Set to enter free agency in 2014 they have yet to reach an extension with the strong armed quarterback.

Bears fans may say “good riddance” as Cutler is only 1-7 as the Bears starter against the Packers with only eight touchdowns, 17 interceptions, and a whopping 30 sacks. But, not so fast, it shouldn’t be all on Cutler’s shoulders should it?

Jay Cutler

“He’s just one guy. We have a whole team around him,” reassured head coach Marc Trestman. – ChicagoTribune.com

His teammates feel the same way, ”Jay has what it takes. So you can’t get sidetracked by any of the talk on the outside. As a group, we have to elevate each other and give ourselves an opportunity to win.” stated Robert Garza.

In order for the Bears to beat the Packers it’s not just Jay Cutler who has to play on another level. The defense must revert back to the turnover happy, ferocious defense they once were. It wasn’t years ago this happened, it was only 2012 when they led the league with 44 turnovers. Compare that to the 26 turnovers this year and there is your problem. 

The offense has evolved since Trestman has taken over and while stagnant against the Eagles last week, the improvement is dramatic. The Bears passed for only 2,999 yards last season, compared to 4,057 this season they are ranked 5th in the NFL.

The combination of Trestman’s offense, Jay Cutler’s arm, and a defense that created turnovers the way they did in 2012 would be deadly.

This game won’t define Jay Cutler, it won’t even define his time in Chicago, it’s about the 2013 Chicago Bears and if they will or won’t make the playoffs.

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