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Detroit Lions’ Kellen Moore making things difficult

When the Detroit Lions took the field against the New England Patriots, Detroit’s quarterbacks were determined to show that last week’s farce in Cleveland was merely a hiccup and not a sign of things to come.  But Shaun Hill was to be held out of the game, so for Kellen Moore a little extra was on the line.  When the bell rang, he came out fighting.

Moore is not only battling to keep his spot against Thaddeus Lewis, but is also trying to make some kind of case for a third quarterback against ever tightening roster needs.

Matthew Stafford began the show with a sixteen point outburst, going 12 of 25 for 166 yards and an 83.1 rating.  But it was Moore who really lit up New England, 9 out of 12 attempts for 150 yards and two TD’s and at the end of it all, held a rating of 156.2, stunning by anyone’s standard.  And all this coming in just 29 snaps.  Yes, the arguments will come that this all came against backups, but Moore and the offensive unit he was with were backups as well.  Thaddeus Lewis, coming in to clean up the leftovers, was still two for two on just nine snaps.  No interceptions were thrown by any Lions quarterback.

Kellen Moore

Certainly Moore was not perfect; he threw a couple of balls that the coaching staff will call him on.  But when he needed to show leadership and the skill necessary to get the job done, he was more than equal to the task.

Kellen Moore, with that performance may have just sent Thaddeus Lewis packing.  But more significant is the fact that he also may have made Jim Schwartz’s decision to keep two or three quarterbacks that much more difficult.  With Shaun Hill out for the New England game because he was “nicked up” as the head coach noted, Moore’s abilities as put on display can do much to sway the staff’s intentions, thus assuring that Kellen Moore may, subject to next week’s game at Buffalo, remain in Honolulu Blue and on the 53 man roster for this season.

Earl Richmond is a long-suffering Detroit Lions fan, NFC North observer and division writer for TPF.  He can be reached at or on Twitter @HoggerRob

One thought on “Detroit Lions’ Kellen Moore making things difficult”

  1. I was hooked on watching the “Surgeon” from Prosser, Washington perform his operations on and off the blue for BSU. The “underdog” that the Big Guys in the NCAA overlooked and disregarded. He represents probably the majority of us that would gladly fill his shoes. How many times have “critics” panned a movie that you really liked? He’s a film in pre-production, just waiting for his Sundance moment.

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