Aaron Rodgers is becoming Peyton Manning

Aaron Rodgers is becoming Peyton Manning

Watch out, Green Bay fans, your beloved star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is becoming Peyton Manning.

Great, right?


“But, Mr. G, Manning was amazing this year. He’s been better than amazing. He’s like, totally, the best regular season quarterback, since, like, ever!”

And he sucks in the playoffs. Like a Hoover.Aaron Rodgers is becoming Peyton Manning

Aaron Rodgers’ success is well documented, and without his return to the starting lineup the Packers most likely would not have made the playoffs this season even though Matt Flynn did most of the dirty work. (His reward by the way: nothing.) However, once Rodgers does get into the playoffs his performance can certainly be found lacking. Since Rodgers took over as the starting signal-caller for Green Bay in 2008 he has posted a stellar 58-29 record in the regular season, the Packers have suffered only one losing season with him, in 2008, his first year under center.

But when they reach the playoffs, the Packers fall short. Consider his 6-4 career record in the playoffs. Remember too that 4 of those wins came in the 2010 playoffs when the Packers made their Super Bowl run. And even that year they only made it to the Super Bowl because Caleb Hanie didn’t know the difference between his Bears receivers and B.J. Raji. Silly fellow.Aaron Rodgers is becoming Peyton Manning

Let me ask you this: is Eli Manning better than Peyton? Now that you’ve all peed your pants laughing, remember that Eli has an 8-3 record in the playoffs and has won 2 Super Bowls. Peyton is 9-11 in the playoffs with 8 of those losses coming in his team’s opening game. If recent history means anything, Rodgers will soon challenge Peyton’s numbers.

Usually that is sexy. But this time, it just plain sucks.

Like a Hoover. Or, if you will, like a Peyton.

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