Top Quarterbacks in the NFC East: Romo’s time to shine?

The NFC East will always be in the debate about which division is the toughest in the NFL, because of the multitude of franchise caliber quarterbacks. Whether it’s two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning, upstart rookie Robert Griffin III, and the always dangerous Tony Romo and Michael Vick make the East a division opposing defensive coordinators in 2013 will have to mark on their calendars. However, which quarterback will be the best in 2013?

Let’s take a look at where these quarterbacks rank in one of the NFL’s toughest division.

Eli Manning

Source: NY Daily News

1. Eli Manning

I believe in Eli! He’s the only quarterback in the division with a Super Bowl ring. That’s what quarterbacks are supposed to do. Win championships. The only negatives are he’s wildly inconsistent from year to year, and a case can be made that Manning’s success comes from the talent around him. However, Manning has the rings, the division titles and the pedigree to earn him a spot at the top until some knocks him off.

2. Tony Romo

Tony Romo gets a bad rap due to his fans, and he’s won more Playoff games than RG3. He’s one of those once a star, always a threat type of quarterbacks. He’s also quietly been a very good quarterback for seven straight seasons, but can’t seem to win when it matters most. I’d rank Romo higher if it wasn’t for Eli Manning’s Super Bowl rings. Maybe 2013 can be the year after signing his massive contract extension to deliver a Super Bowl to the Cowboys at least once, but that’s wishful thinking at best.

Robert Griffin III

Source: ESPN

3. Robert Griffin III

RG3 has the potential to be a dominate force in the NFC East and the NFL, but can he stay healthy? Because I’d rather have Griffin passing for 5,000 yards than rushing for 1,000 if he can have a long career in the NFL. That remains to be seen, but he’s the most talented quarterback in the division. That counts for something, but you can’t rank him above established veterans like Romo and Manning who have proved to have long careers thus far. Maybe RG3 can take the crown in this division soon, but he’ll need to win two Super Bowls to catch up to Eli.

4. Michael Vick

Vick is another one of those once a star, always a threat type of quarterback. He’s a poor man’s RG3, because he has the arm and legs, but isn’t consistently accurate in the passing game. However, with a new offense under Chip Kelly could spell resurgence for Vick and put him back on top, but for how long? Vick gets too much credit for his passing prowess, because he’s a running quarterback at this point until he proves to be anything more.

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