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Top 5 things the Washington Redskins need to happen in 2014

With the 2013 season almost over the Washington Redskins have some head scratching to do. There are many questions that the organization needs to answer in the last 3 games and off-season. What is it going to take to return to 2012 glory in the nation’s capitol? As I see it, these 5 things need to happen.


1. Keep the existing staff. Continuity is the key to building a solid organization. If Dan Snyder were to let go of Mike Shanahan and his staff it will set the Redskins back for more years to come. When Shanahan was hired he said it would take 5 years. Give him his 5 years.

2. Be big players in the free agent market. Having the return of the 36 million dollar cap penalty is going to help out in a big way. They should be able to sign a big name offensive lineman, i.e. Brandon Albert, and a defensive back in the likes of Jairus Byrd or Tarell Brown. They also may want to explore a secondary wide receiver to compliment Pierre Garcon.


3. Re-sign their key free agents. This ties in to my first point of continuity. Keeping a core nucleus is the key. Brian Orakpo has performed well in his contract year and has probably played himself into an extension. The same can be said for DeAngelo Hall. Both have said they would like to finish their careers in Washington so why not let them.

4. Develop Robert Griffin III as a pocket passer during the off-season. They will have a complete off-season with no rehab and an RG3 who is in full health. If this is the direction they want to move in with the offense, then make sure they dedicate this off-season to that. Robert Griffin III has the talent to be a pocket passer but you are going to have to give him the weapons and protection for it to work.

5. DO NOT TRADE KIRK COUSINS!! He is your second most valuable asset behind Alfred Morris. Yes I said Alfred Morris. With RG3 already experiencing a sever injury you cannot afford to lose a talent like Kirk Cousins. If you want to move to a more conventional offense with RG3 you will need Kirk Cousins to back him up if there’s an injury again. He can run that style of offense as well, or if not better than RG3 can.

So, looking forward to 2014 and the success of the Washington Redskins, one thing is certain. With all the talent that they have on their roster, they should not be as bad as they have been in 2013.

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