Tony Romo

Time for Jerry Jones to find Romo’s replacement

I know this is way out in left field thinking. No, it’s not even left field. It’s final frontier Captain Picard thinking. It’s time for the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones to actually do the right thing and start to find Romo’s replacement. It’s time for Jerry to make a move on quarterback Tony Romo. You’ve given this guy year after year to lead you to the promise land. Well guess what? It ain’t happening. If this guy was Moses the Israelites would have ended up on Easter Island. Tony Romo has all the talent in the world around him, why can’t he get it done?

A receiving group in the top three of the NFL, it seems Dez Bryant has made us all but forget Miles Austin. Add in Jason Witten only being behind Antonio Gates in the TE department. Tony has no excuse to reek that bad. DeMarco Murray’s a top 10 back and your line is good. In this pass happy game, you can’t win the big game with a top 15 OB. You just can’t. Look at the teams still in the playoffs. All of them have elite QB’s or guys who are on the verge of greatness.

Tony RomoIf Jerry Jones is waiting for Romo to morph into No. 8, a guy who did lead them to the promise land three times, it’s not happening. I’m told all the time by my friends. Well Adam, Romo has more TD passes then Troy. I answer the same every time. Of course he dose! It’s a pass happy game now and he’s not handing ball to No. 22, is he? Aikman could win a game throwing 15 times and handing it to Emmitt and Moose the rest of the time. Get out of here with the number of TD passes Romo has…

There’s a thing called the NFL draft. Find a team in desparate need of a QB. Ship Romo to them for a first round pick and get a guy from the draft to replace him. Here’s a thought Jerry…there’s a guy Jerry, who plays college ball near you. The position you are in dire need of. His name starts with a J and his last name is FOOTBALL. I think you know who I am talking about. Make it happen Jerry. Push buttons, fiddle with knobs, pull levers and get this guy in a Cowboys iniform. If it sounds like I’m ranting…I am!

Adam Gilbert is an NFL writer for TPF and can be contacted at

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