Washington Redskins

A dumpster fire called the Washington Redskins

“A date which will live in infamy” are words that were spoken by FDR 72 years ago. It was one of the worst days in American history. When it comes to the lives and times of the Washington Redskins that same saying could be used.

Source: cbssports.com

Reports surfaced Sunday that Mike Shanahan cleaned out his office prior to the wild card game last season. After the way his team performed, if these reports are true, he should have kept walking. This comes in the wake of many other reports pasting many black eyes on a storied franchise.

In my 25 plus years as a fan of this franchise, I have never seen a dumpster fire bigger than the one burning in the nation’s capitol now. It wasn’t even this bad when Steve Spurrior or Jim Zorn were coaching. Not even the swinging gate fiasco got this bad. I cannot even recall things getting this bad for Shanahan in his Denver tenure either.

This franchise is in major disarray. It’s coach is a lame duck. There are questions surrounding the QB and coach relationship.  There are reports that the QB runs the team and has a say with the owner. There is no game changer on defense and the special teams is just a unit that is just out getting in its cardio.

When a team has quit, it is a direct sign on the coaching staff and the Redskins have quit. A change is inevitable. I wrote a previous article on how this cannot happen. I mentioned that the Redskins need to maintain some continuity. Well, in the NFL, many things can happen in a week. However, change may be the only way to douse the flames of what has become the leagues biggest dumpster fire of 2013.

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