Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder: The Wicked Witch of the East

Dan Snyder bought the Washington Redskins in May of 1999. His purchase made the record books at that time as the most expensive purchase in sports history. The $800 million purchase might have seemed like a great price, but the cost of his purchase has only begun to get greater through the years.

No, the team is still making good money. The cost to the team is a lack of performance. Since Snyder took over the team, they have only had four winning seasons with an overall record of 101-224. That losing record has carried over to the post-season as well making it out of the first round twice out those four trips.

So how is he ruining the team?

Since we were kids, there has been an order to leadership called a “chain of command.” Businesses, military and even governments use it. You report to someone who reports to someone else who reports to someone else. (Unless you’re the one on top.) If you skip a level and you have that person on your side, then you feel good. But if you’re the one skipped, it’s deflating and frustrating.

Dan Snyder

Snyder has disregarded this chain altogether. Reports of a “friendship” between Robert Griffin III, in particular, and himself that includes a Thanksgiving dinner between the two families has been a cause of problems. It’s not just RGIII, either. The only reason this relationship has been so highly covered is because of Griffin’s publicity.

Why do you think Mike Shanahan had clauses for control placed in his contract?

Shanahan is no fool. Despite fans feeling hatred towards him for another ridiculously horrible season, he has been a winning coach. He has not been able to lead his players over the years with the team because of Snyder’s overly available open door.

In order to establish a Super Bowl capable team, Snyder needs to leave the players alone and give Shanahan the reigns completely. However, with the damage already done and a demoralized image of Shanahan in the players eyes, a sale of the team would be best.

Either way, the current state of operations in Washington is going to keep the Redskins from any hopes of hoisting the Lombardi trophy.

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