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Dallas Cowboys: Meeting to teach Heimlich maneuver

There is a romance in full bloom in Dallas. Jerry Jones has a huge man crush on Tony Romo. Is it the hair? His physique? Or does he just like getting lost in those brown eyes of his? We all know it couldn’t be his consistent play. I mean, the guy needs to come with a “Choking Hazard” sign.

Yes, Romo had his best game in Week 5 taking on the ever so tough Denver Broncos.

Yes, he kept them close in a game that literally came down to the final two seconds.

And, yes, his 500+ yards and five touchdown passes all while only allowing one turnover should be commended.

But it’s his timing of that pick that cost them the game.

It wouldn’t be fair to just dog on Romo when he could easily be compared to one of the NFL’s legends. A man who has put up some big numbers and, although he is retired, still holds the record in several categories including most games, most passes, most completions, most yards and most touchdowns. That’s right, I’m talking about the “great” Brett Favre.

Romo Choke

Now, I want to give Favre fans the opportunity to stop reading as this probably won’t be pleasant on the eyes. Good. I didn’t lose any readers. Except for Romo who idolized him.

Brett Favre has set all of those records because of one thing; he’s played in so many games. (I believe too many games.) Naturally he is going to lead in yards, completions, touchdowns, etc. based on pure volume. What you may not realize is that he consistently blow clutch situations. He went 46-75 in game winning drives with two more games that were won but by a turnover or a punt/kick returned for six. Although he was good, he was no clutch quarterback.

The good thing for Romo or Dallas Cowboys fans is that he is not too bad right now. In fourth quarter game winning drives he is 19-28 putting him over .500. The bad news is that as his career goes on, he is seeing more of these drives and blowing them. Although no season has been as bad as his 2010 season where he went 0-4, he is 0-3 for this year and it is only Week 5.

The argument could be made that Romo is a good quarterback and he wouldn’t be a “choke artist” if they would get a better O-line, improve receivers, better defense, etc. (what quarterback wouldn’t do better with those though), but they can’t. Jerry Jones sees the potential in Romo while he overlooks the lack of clutch performance and squandered the teams salary-cap away to keep him there. Now, they have no room to build a better team around him.

So, Mr. Jones, how is that $108 million dollar investment working out for you?

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