Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins

3 things holding back the Dallas Cowboys

While four years may not seem like a long time without a playoff appearance, 18 seasons without a Super Bowl appearance should cause a team to wonder. Add in the fact you are named “America’s Team” and it gets worse, but the Dallas Cowboys have been struggling to be the top of the NFC East.

While word travels across this nation like lightning through television and the internet, many stories have surfaced about why they have struggled. Here are the three biggest reasons why the Cowboys have had trouble and will continue to struggle if they aren’t fixed.

3- Tony Romo

While there have been plenty of Romo fans- hereafter referred to as Romosapians- defending him, the fact remains that he can not perform under pressure. Once upon a time, he could and he did. Unfortunately, when he was on his game, there were no receivers to throw to.

While he has some solid receivers to throw to now, Romo’s play has declined over the years. There are plenty of other articles out now that show key stats like career QBR and fourth quarter game winning drives that paint a picture that he is a good quarterback. However, what these Romosapien writers don’t show you is the decrease over the years. In his first year, he had a 95.1 QBR while in 2012 he had a 90.5. Although he has had spikes like 102.5 in 2011, he shows an inconsistent playing ability. He might have been worth a $10+ million contract early on, but now it has panned into a huge mistake.

2- Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett has been head coach for three and a half seasons all with the Dallas Cowboys. In those years, the only “winning” record that he has posted was from 2010, his half season. That year he went 5-3 which still wasn’t enough for the Cowboys to make the playoffs giving their 1-7 record when he took over.

Garrett may not have a losing record in his career, he has gone 29-27 for his career. For those of us who may not be mathematicians, that’s 24-24 after that first half season. Dissect it even more, he has finished 8-8 every season.

In the long run, Garrett is the perfect coach if you want to stay mediocre not a championship team.

Jerry Jones

1- Jerry Jones

This couldn’t come as a really big surprise to anyone who knows anything about the Dallas organization.

Jones has been like a viral infection to Dallas since he bought the franchise in 1989. Shortly after that purchase, he fired the then only coach in franchise history Tom Landry. He hired former teammate at Arkansas Jimmy Johnson to fill the position. Four years later, he ran off Johnson. How? He wanted to take more control of the players.

The Washington Redskins and Dallas are facing the same issues with their owner. Any time the owner has direct relations with the players, the head coaches position becomes nil and void. However, the difference between the two is that Jones has forced himself into prime positions to control the team. He now plays the role of owner, president and general manager. It’s a receipe for disaster.

If Jones will remove the dollar signs from his eyes and find a trade for Romo and fire Garrett, it will be a step in the right direction. But in order to bring back a Super Bowl winning team and the respect that comes with “America’s Team”, he also needs to step down from president and general manager and hire people capable of those positions.

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