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Peyton still reigns, but Luck is on his way

Three early first half touchdowns by Peyton Manning to Julius Thomas put the Denver Broncos safely in the lead, but Andrew Luck continues to prove he’s never out of it. Another season, another Andrew Luck comeback. Peyton still reigns, but Luck is on his way to greatness.

A number of people shook their heads  and wondered why the Indianapolis Colts decided to let Peyton Manning walk away, but it’s obvious now that Andrew Luck represents the Colts future.…

Peyton Manning

2014 NFL Predictions: Division winners

This time every year, every teams fan base believes that this is the year they get it done. After signing free agents, and drafting new talent, everyone starts 0-0. The NFL is a great league where you can go from worst to first and vice versa in just a year. This year will be no different, so here are the 2014 NFL division winners.

Tom BradyAFC East, New England Patriots: Year in and year out Bill Belichick puts a winning team on the field.…

Gus Bradley’s season-changing wrong decision

When doing my research and preparing for the 2014 NFL Draft, I found a diamond in the rough. Quarterbacks were plenty in this draft but to me one stood out above the rest. It was not Teddy Bridgewater, nor Johnny Manziel or Derek Carr. It was a junior out of Central Florida that caught my eye, Blake Bortles. This, ladies and gentleman, should be the starting QB for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

As I watched YouTube video of Blake Bortles, I could see something special.…