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NFL Free Agency: Winners and Losers

If you have been living under a rock, NFL Free Agency is under way. Most media outlets immediately want to name a team who has won or lost free agency after a week. Not me. I have sat on this article for a couple weeks waiting out to see all the moves teams make.

With enough time past and teams getting more and more prepared for the 2014 NFL Draft, here are the winners and losers of NFL Free Agency.…

Jadeveon Clowny

Jaguars draft selection down to two choices?

If you follow many of the 2014 NFL Mock Drafts, the Jaguars draft selection is down to two choices.

It seems everyone has an opinion one way or another on the Jaguars third overall selection.

The Jaguars have a glaring need at the quarterback position but also have a number of holes in other areas. in their most recent 2.0 Mock Draft has the Jaguars selecting Jadeveon Clowny with the third selection overall.…

Jim Irsay

Jim Irsay doesn’t belong in the NFL

Indianapolis Colts CEO Jim Irsay just showed another example that money can’t buy class or decency.

Released earlier,  Irsay issued a statement of thanks to those who are supporting him during this time, but no one should support what Irsay did. 

Jim Irsay releasedAfter Jim Irsay’s arrest, a source told the Indy Star the Colts owner is a “sick, sick man.

There’s no place for a sick, sick man in the NFL. Especially one who owns 100% of the Colts, a franchise valued by Forbes as the 11th most valuable in the league at $1.6 billion.…