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Ray Rice should teach us punishment is reflective of time taken

There is a scene in Big Daddy where Jon Stewart’s character walks into the court room to say he is Sonny’s (Adam Sandler) lawyer causing the judge to bark “he has enough lawyers,” to which Stewart intones that another voice is not going to put too much carbon dioxide in the room. I feel like that as I foray into the Ray Rice debacle.

Reality aside, Stewart winds up being a major cog in Sonny’s defense, namely that he would not press charges as the father.…

Where do we go from here: Ray Rice, Domestic Violence

Cornerback Will Gay was right when he spoke to the media on the issues regarding the release of the latest Ray Rice video. He focused his message on treatment, and the importance of Ray Rice getting help, and those that suffer from domestic violence in any form getting help.

What Ray Rice did seven months ago is long since past, the police made a complete hash of the incident pushing it under the rug and apparently hiding the released video, while the NFL was just as egregious in reminding fans that smoking recently legalized drugs like marijuana (which has often been an alternate, and cheaper source of therapy, and alternative-psychological treatment in communities that lack the wealth and access that owners, F.O.…

Ray Rice BW

The defense of ashamed Ray Rice

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury you’ve witnessed a horrendous act. You’ve seen a man who took on numerous players on a 4th and 29 play and single-handedly led the Baltimore Ravens to a win. A man who we look at as unbreakable and to some an icon, commit an unspeakable act. There’s no disputing that, but, Ray Rice has already had his day in court.

One in four women will experience violence during their lifetime and for Janay Palmer the video surfacing is a constant reminder of the unspeakable act that took place February 15th, 2014.…

Players, not Owners are Ruining the NFL

Weeks ago I predicted that the San Diego Chargers would win the AFC West. Now I’m sure of it. I doubt that the Denver Broncos can survive another player loss. The situation may very well result in another lost season. Players, not owners are ruining the greatest game.

September 2nd the Broncos’ star slot receiver, Wes Welker, was suspended for four games because of amphetamine use.

Welker, who has had several concussions, forcing him to lose playing time, is key to Peyton Manning’s ability to sustain drives.…

NFL needs the Dallas Cowboys to be successful

For any hero to have support, there needs to be a villain to help put over that hero. For the NFL, it has the ultimate villain in the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are the most known team in football today. They may not have the most championships, or recent success, but they are always the talk of the town.

I am not a Cowboy hater; my favorite team is not a rival nor plays in the NFC East, and I am just stating an opinion.…