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10 reasons I’m not excited for the Bills schedule

It just becomes repetitive. Year after year the NFL schedule is released and after looking over the upcoming season, it’s obvious the Buffalo Bills have no chance to end the longest playoff drought in the NFL.

As a frustrated fan, here’s 10 reasons I’m not excited for the Bills schedule.

That Jerk: There’s always that jerk who somehow gives me a false sense of hope and allows me to foolishly believe the Bills will miraculously contend for the Wild Card spot.…

Eric Ebron

3 possible selections at No. 12 for the New York Giants

A question New York Giants fans have been asking themselves ever since the 2013 season; Who will the NY Giants select with the 12th pick?

The New York Giants were one of the more busy teams this offseason adding a lot of youth and depth that was needed. Some of the key moves included adding a corner who could keep up with all the big threats in the NFC East in Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.…


Lions draft hinges on best available and win now

Let’s all presume for a moment, that the Detroit Lions’ primary focus is in fact, to trade up for Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins.  Next, let’s figure that strategy does not gel for any number of reasons, including it was never really on the table in the first place.  What might the alternative consist of?  Good question, and there are tons of acceptable answers here, for any team’s draft plan has to have a certain amount of fluidity.  Trading down is a real and reasonable option, but it takes two to tango and the Lions may have trouble finding a dance partner.  So the real question is what to do at No.…