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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Michael Vick’s latest mistake

Michael Vick will be forever judged as a man full of mistakes. A star-studded NFL player who made wrong choices along his career path. Michael Vick’s latest mistake might be the biggest one of his professional career.

After five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Vick had his choice between the New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Football: Jets-v-Eagles, Sep 2009 - 53 At 34 years old, none of the teams saw him as a starter. Plus, his history of injuries have prevented him from playing more than 13 games in a single season.  Instead of a starter, teams were looking for depth and the New York Jets got it.…

The TPF Fives: Week 6 Rankings

It’s safe to view these Week 6 Rankings as a reflection of the week (and maybe a few games prior), more than a complete review of the team for the year so far. Why? Well, have you watched football at all this year? Most teams are floating around 3-3 and it’s been pretty hard to get a handle on the identity of anyone. Dallas beat Seattle, in Seattle! Oakland almost topples San Diego. And Philly silenced the the noise coming out of New York.…

May the history of the NFL remind you of the good

In light of stupidity, bitterness, animosity, avarice and outsourced violence, I wanted to bring back the history of what we enjoy: A Story of Football, very abridged, if you will.

Say what you will about the movie Pearl Harbor, but Ben Affleck’s effort of machismo to sway Alex Baldwin’s character, a reference to the homage resonates, yes, but exemplifies truly.  Dave Anderson is, mildly put, a well regarded, long respected sportswriter, one with a Pulitzer Prize to his credit and collection.  And he is an inspiration to me with The Story of Football from 1985.  It was a conversational piece, a narrative of what occurred and presented bluntly in a lengthy short-form.  Its simplicity is overstated because it is a draw in book to highlight the game.  That is my intent, my goal, my desire and is the effort undertaken, albeit expanded.  After all, that was nearly three decades ago.…