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2014 NFL Draft: Has scouting become overrated?

The NFL Draft has become a 365 day job for all NFL scouts.  It’s just not throughout the college season, but they are busy scouting players from the end of one draft to the next draft.  Over the years they have all hit or miss on every player eligible for the draft. This begs the question, has scouting become overrated?

nfl-scouts Let’s think about this for a moment. Scouts have their flaws, it makes them human but how many times do we hear about teams hiring new scouts?…


NFL Free Agency: Winners and Losers

If you have been living under a rock, NFL Free Agency is under way. Most media outlets immediately want to name a team who has won or lost free agency after a week. Not me. I have sat on this article for a couple weeks waiting out to see all the moves teams make.

With enough time past and teams getting more and more prepared for the 2014 NFL Draft, here are the winners and losers of NFL Free Agency.…


2014 Mock Draft 1.0: The Quarterback Shuffle

My first official 2014 Mock Draft is finally here. With free agency kicking off next week, it will be very interesting to see how not just my mock draft, but all other mock drafts change. Teams will be looking to fill holes prior to May but what would it look like if the draft was now?

The title of this mock is highly appropriate as it was tough to find a spot for the quarterbacks.…