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The media killed Michael Sam’s career

For Michael Sam, he had similar hopes and dreams to play in the NFL one day. He was just like every other player that entered the 2014 NFL Draft, and like every player who has played or is currently playing in the NFL. Except he isn’t just an ordinary person with a dream, he’s Michael Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player.

In August 2013,  he openly announced his sexuality to his teammates at Missouri. Many NFL executives said that his coming out announcement would be his downfall in the draft, and they were right.…

Jaguars officially tanking in 2014

In 2011, after Peyton Manning needed neck surgery, the Indianapolis Colts tanked for Andrew Luck. In 2014, the Jacksonville Jaguars, who drafted their quarterback of the future in Blake Bortles, are tanking for some unknown reason. Before you get on me about the title of this article, anyone who has seen the Jaguars’ games in the preseason knows and understands why Blake Bortles should be the Week 1 starter against the Eagles.

The team recently named veteran Chad Henne the starter in a big Week 1 road game against the Philadelphia Eagles.…

NFL Training Camp: Disappointing teams of 2014

For 32 teams in the NFL, training camp represents the official beginning of the new season. This wipes the slate clean, every team shows a 0-0 record until the end of Week 1. The 2014 NFL season is finally here.

Rex RyanFor new coaches like Cleveland Browns’ Mike Pettine, it’s a time to show their fans that they are the coach to right the ship.  For coaches on the hot seat, like New York Jets’ Rex Ryan, they will need to show they can get their teams to the playoffs in 2014.…

Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys and teams who will surprise in 2014

The 2014 NFL Season is drawing near as the days go by. With the end of June, comes the start of training camp which leads to the pre-season and soon enough the regular season. For the Dallas Cowboys and these five teams, the regular season can’t get here quick enough.

nfl-parity-chartParity has ruled the NFL making it the most competitive major league sport. Free agency allows teams to sign difference makers who can make an impact and help them win.…


Madden 15: It’s now or never for EA Sports

Over the years, NFL fans have made Madden what it is today and why EA Sports is releasing Madden 15 in 2014. Last year, they called it Madden 25 in honor of the 25th anniversary of the game. With not much fan fare of their first try on the new consoles, EA Sports has to deliver this time around or it could be curtains for them.

2250689-box_madden05For what now is a decade, EA Sports has had the exclusive license to be the only game developer that can make a NFL licensed video game.…