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NFL: Playoff re-seeding necessary in 2015

1604582_724155747682795_5268351902478814440_nPlayoff re-seeding in the NFL has always been a hot topic every time someone brings it up. Whether it’s something to do with a double digit playoff team missing the playoffs, or a division champion with a worse record than a wild card team hosting a playoff game, this is a topic that forever will be water cooler talk.

Until now. I wrote recently about how great parity is in the NFL and how it makes it better than any other sport.…

Being Thankful for Parity in the NFL

The 2014 NFL season is now hitting the crucial point where every win and loss means playing for a chance in the Super Bowl or wondering what could have been.  It also time for Thanksgiving, and time for being thankful.  This football season, the one thing I’m most thankful for, no it’s not the fact my team is in the midst of the playoff hunt. I’m thankful for parity that runs wild in the NFL.

Quick quiz for you readers out there.…

NFL Shield

NFL Election Day 2014: Head Coaches

Election Day is tomorrow here in the United States, but here on The Penalty Flag I’m conducting the first ever NFL Election. That’s right folks, today I will put into a ballot a list of head coaches who are on the verge of getting fired,  or whether some starting quarterbacks deserve to keep their job. This is meant to be a fun article so I am happily encouraging all comments as I like to hear from you.…