Keenan Allen

Keenan Allen commits blasphemy by wearing Raiders cap

Former CAL and recently drafted wide receiver of the San Diego Chargers Keenan Allen is going to have to learn that you don’t wear a division rivals’ apparel. A recent photo of Allen wearing an Oakland Raiders cap surfaced and it doesn’t look good for the rookie one bit.

It may have been a joke photo, or Allen is genuinely a Raiders fan from his time going to CAL that is located in Oakland, but you don’t sport an opposing teams color. Especially a team that is generally as hated as the Oakland Raiders.  It is comparable to wearing a Stanford jersey at CAL or a LSU jersey in Tuscaloosa. You just don’t do it.

Even soon to be Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson who is known as the “Raider Killer” always brought his best game to stick it to the Raiders. At Tomlinson’s retirement speech Robert Dublin of Raider Nation Times reported “He said that he enjoyed beating the Raiders more than any other team. He said that coming from Texas, rivalry games were like championship games, and that’s how he felt about Raider games—they were championship games.”

LT probably would have chosen retirement over wearing the Silver and Black if it came to that. It is just a little perplexing to see Allen sporting Raider Nation colors with such a large rivalry happening between the Raiders and Chargers. People will start to question his loyalty and examine his games against the Raiders as a result, but there is one thing Allen can do to fix this problem. Allen can flat out dominate every game he plays against the Raiders and then fans will know where he is on the issue. Either way Allen will have some explaining to do and may be the most teased rookie on the Chargers over Manti Te’o come training camp.

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