Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders Jamaal Charles

Creeper Report: Did you get “Jamauled” in the fantasy football playoffs?

Was Jamaal Charles‘ 5 touchdown day the biggest back-breaker in fantasy football history?

Depends on your perspective. Either you were Jamauled or you Jamauled someone.Jamaal  Charles Chiefs

If you were the Jamauler, you were glad your first round pick not only put up solid points avery week, but showed up humongous in the fantasy playoffs.

If you got Jamauled, I hope you at least put up a good fight.

Jamaal Charles knocked me out of one playoff race, but not by himself. My opponent got good results out of Greg Jennings, Steven Jackson and Indy’s D. He’d have beaten me without Jamaul.

Yet the owner of the PMFs in my Euro League took the toughest Jamauling I’ve seen. In a 16 team league, she put up an OK 74.53 points. Her opponent got only 53.53 from 9 players and 51.5 from Jamaul. Had he started anyone other running back than Matt Asiata, Eddie Lacy, DeAngelo Williams, Rashad Jennings or DeMarco Murray, she’d be facing me in the playoffs. Instead, I get to face him.

She gets my wife in the consolation rounds. Trust me, she’s more than just consolation.

ESPN’s Tristan H Cockcroft wrote a well-researched article on the greatest fantasy performances in history. 1960 is the earliest NFL season with detailed statistics. Since 1960, Charles’ 51 points are tied for sixth best all-time.

It’s the Week 15 timing, though, that is the stinger. Right smack in the first week of standard fantasy playoffs.

gale-sayers_display_imageGayle Sayers’ 55 point, 6 touchdown day in 1965 couldn’t have hurt too many fantasy owners. The Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League was only 3 years old.

Clinton Portis‘ 54 points in Week 14 of 2003 must have launched or sunk many playoff voyages.

At least it was a 1PM PST game and not later. Had he put up those points on Monday night, it could have sparked fantasy suicides.

If you were playing against Jamaul, you knew you were doomed as soon as he took the first play 49 yards to the house. He scored 5 touchdowns on only 16 touches. 4 of the touchdowns were on 8 catches. Kniles Davis out-rushed him by 14 yards. You had to be thinking: “Raiders, can you tackle anyone?”

Jamaal Charles’ 5 touchdown, 215 yard game in Week 15 was the biggest fantasy football back-breaker in history in my book. He did it easily. He did it in the first week of the playoffs. He did it when Frank Gore, CJ Spiller, Alfred Morris, Ray Rice and Knowshon Moreno all scored under 10. He did it just when you thought Kansas City might not have the offense to win in the post-season.

Did you get Jamauled or were you the Jamauler? Give us your story. I’ll share it on the Creeper Report Final Edition.

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