NFL: Preseason-Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders

Al Davis haunts Raiders with Terrelle Pryor

It was a wasted supplemental draft pick, one of crazy Al Davis’ last hurrah’s. Right?

Instead, it seems the third-round pick used to select former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor will live on forever and may haunt the Oakland Raiders, but in a good way.

Terrelle Pryor and the Raiders were supposed to be the laughing stock of the NFL. Nothing more than a joke – predicted nothing more than a bottom feeder in the NFL. But suddenly, after one game, they were only one play away from making everyone an ass for assuming.

Terrelle Pryor

Pryor wasn’t perfect and no one expected him to be. He threw two costly interceptions but threw for a solid 217 yards in only his second NFL start.

“I tell you, Terrelle Pryor is a stud,” Indianapolis QB Andrew Luck said. “He made some unbelievable plays.”

Pryor could be the future of the Oakland Raiders and nothing would make Al Davis more happy.

Davis loved speed and Pryor showed it today, rushing for 112 yards, he broke the Oakland Raiders single-game quarterback record.

The size and speed he brings to the quarterback position is something Al Davis knew was just too good to pass up on. Even in his grave Al Davis continues to touch Raidernation.

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