Jake Locker

Titans playing hard ball with Locker, others

The Tennessee Titans have a new rule during practice: If you mess something up, you take a lap, and you must finish that lap before the rest of the team runs two more plays.

A little juvenile, remind you of your little league experiment?

The first time Jake Locker fumbled an exchange between himself and the center he was visibly upset.

“So the first time it happens in practice, Jake is pissed,” Dowell Loggains said. “I mean, he’s heated. He runs the lap, finishes the drill and then barely speaks to me. He’s steaming.”

Loggains is the current offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans.  He was promoted to the position on November 26, 2012 after Chris Palmer was fired.

Loggains assumed it was simply a result of Locker’s annoyance with the punishment. However, after practice was long over, Loggains looked back onto the field to see Locker running gassers. Nobody told him to do it. Nobody expected him to do it.

Jake Locker

“I think he was just mad the fumbled snap happened,” Loggains said. “He missed two reps of practice, and he felt like he let the team down. I really believe that’s how he’s motivated. He’s so sincere — but he’s so competitive.”

So competitive, in fact, that Loggains said he has to be careful about the way he coaches Locker. You can’t come down too hard on him because “he’s so hard on himself already.” Loggains said he often receives text messages from Locker hours after practices end, asking questions about the mistakes he made.

“Jake’s success will be the result of the way he works and the amount he cares,” Loggains said. “He’s an internally motivated guy, but the thing that kills him is, he feels like when he makes a mistake that he let everyone down. And it’s sincere. That’s what drives him.” – NFL.com

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