Andrew Luck

The pressure is just starting for Andrew Luck

No longer a rookie, one would think the pressure would subside. However, the pressure for Andrew Luck may never dissipate.

Replacing Peyton Manning and the legacy left behind, the Indianapolis Colts second year star still has his work cut out for him.

In fact, one could say expectations are even larger after the Colts miraculously made the playoffs behind the Rookie star.

Andrew Luck

Without the constant motivation of Chuck Pagano, the Colts will now look towards their second-year leader.

“I think it’s a natural progression. As you get older, no matter what position you are, you’re going to maybe tackle a little more or have a little more of a presence. Obviously as a quarterback, you inherit that just by talking in the huddle and saying things…as you get older, you develop a little more of maybe an outspoken role as a leader.” – USATodaySports

Andrew Luck showed the world he was able to take the pressure of being a rookie, but can he also take the new found expectations?

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