Trent Richardson

Colts trade for Trent Richardson, Greatest Show on Turf sequel?

Today will forever be known as the day the Indianapolis Colts traded for Trent Richardson.  In other news… did I just really type that? Yes indeed, if you are a Colts fan you are jumping up and down for joy as Richardson just gave you the ammo to not only win the AFC South but also make a deep run in the playoffs. On the other hand, if you’re a Browns fan you may want to close your eyes.

Jim Irsay tweeted moments before the trade was official that he had completed a “monster” like type of trade, and well before you say he was drunk tweeting again, unfortunately for Browns fans he wasn’t.  The details of this trade is quite simple to be honest, and yes you may think a bunch of draft picks for Richardson. That would be far from it as the only thing Indianapolis gave up was, and again I advise Browns fans that this next sentence may not be good for your eyes. The only compensation that the Cleveland Browns received was a 2014 first round pick. That was it, and how Indy robbed Cleveland in this trade is beyond me and right now I’m pretty sure teams are finding out how seventh round picks it will take to acquire Joe Thomas.

Andrew Luck

Let’s go back to 1999 when the Colts traded away future hall of famer Marshall Faulk. Faulk held out as he wanted a new contract and Bill Polian didn’t want the team to have any distractions. He then traded Faulk to the St. Louis Rams, who proceeded to finish out his Hall of Fame career with not just a Super Bowl ring, but was known for being part of the greatest show on turf along side a young Kurt Warner and receivers Torry Holt and Bruce Issac.

Jim Irsay has now brought the greatest show on turf to Indianapolis in 2013.

With Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne and now the addition of Trent Richardson, the Colts offense just may have become must see. Richardson is a young running back with so much ahead of him, and he can do so much to help relieve Andrew Luck. Luck won’t have to throw the ball so many times in a game anymore, he now has the luxury of Trent Richardson who can carry the load 25-30 times a game. Plus it seems Reggie Wayne has reached into the fountain of youth giving Indy a more complete offense than they ever had. Yes, this is even more complete of an offense than the offense that stepped onto the field with Peyton Manning under center in Super Bowl XLI.

Look out Houston Texans, your luck, pardon the pun may have just run out as kings of the AFC South. To the rest of the AFC, your luck may have just run out as well come January.

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