Troy Polamalu

Steelers’ unselfish veterans teach possible replacement

For an NFL Rookie it doesn’t get more intimidating than to have Pittsburgh Steelers future Hall of Fame safety Troy Polamalu diagram a play for you.

Shamarko Thomas, a fourth round pick has the luxury of not only Polamalu, but also Ryan Clark to teach him the ropes.

According to Triblive.comthe veteran Steelers are happy to finally have a player they can pass their knowledge onto.

“I have always been willing to teach anybody if they are willing to learn,” Polamalu said. “But a lot of times I pour out too much too soon to a lot of players. It is trying to teach algebra to basic math.”

Shamarko Thomas

Clark is in the final year of a  four-year, $14 million dollar contract and if Thomas develops the way planned it could spell the end of Clark on the Steelers.

“It all started the same day I got drafted,” Thomas said. “Troy and Ryan called me and left a message and told me they were going to teach me everything they’ve learned. I came in here ready to learn. They’ve made me comfortable.”

Unselfish, veteran leadership is not an easy thing to find these days. Lets hope the Steelers hang on to the teachers well into the future.

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