Steelers - Jets

Steelers defense finally shows up

One wouldn’t know it, at least the way the Pittsburgh Steelers defense is playing this season, but the Steelers were ranked No. 1 in total defense the past two seasons.


Off to their worst start since 1968, the Steelers defense finally showed up.

The Steelers defense entered the game as the only team without a takeaway, but they left intercepting rookie Geno Smith twice and finally put a “W” on the board.

The defense confused Smith,  overpowering the Jets offensive line. They made sure he was uncomfortable and didn’t have adequate time to throw.

Steelers Defense

Lawrence Timmons was one of the key defensive players for the Steelers. His interception in the fourth-quarter made it impossible for the Jets to come back. “We tried to hit him as many times as we could, but it was huge to jam their receivers and throw their timing off. I think he was rattled at the end. Once we started getting hits on him, he started throwing the ball a different way. He wasn’t following through as much when he was getting hit.” -

Overall the Steelers defensive pressure led to three sacks and a total of 11 hits on Geno Smith as he was pressured from every position on the field.

While getting a win gets the monkey off their back, can the Steelers now build upon this and continue the defensive trend?

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