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New Orleans Saints’ 2014 NFL Draft Sleepers: Anthony Dean Jr.

The New Orleans Saints are worried about winning the NFC South and beating the Panthers this Sunday, but it’s never too early to take a look at who the Saints might be interested in drafting in 2014. And wide receiver, Anthony Dean Jr. from Southwest Minnesota State could be a perfect addition either in Day 3 or as a UDFA to make a difference on the Saints’ roster.

Now wide receiver may not look like a team need now, but Robert Meachum and Joseph Morgan are set to be free agents next season. On top of the coin you’re going to pay Jimmy Graham in a contract extension.

Kenny Stills has filled in nicely as a receiver to stretch the defense, but the Saints lack depth in that department even if Joseph Morgan comes back.

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This is where Anthony Dean Jr. comes in, because he has the size, ball skills and speed, the New Orleans Saints could use as a virtual clone of say a Devery Henderson.

Dean also caught 48 passes for 1,010 yards and 18 touchdowns this season earning Second-Team All-Region honors. And put up a huge performance against Sioux Falls with 11 catches for 308 yards and 4 touchdowns.

At 6’2, 200 pounds and a 4.43, 40-yard dash, Dean has all the measurables of a Saints’ receiver. They like their receivers with length and speed, traits Dean Jr. has a lot of.

Plus Anthony Dean Jr. has shown an interest in being a New Orleans Saint if they’ll give him a shot. My interview with Dean is at the 41 minute mark below.

You can check out actual games of Dean here on the Mustangs website to do your own self-scouting. The bottom-line is Anthony Dean Jr. is a wide receiver the Saints and every NFL team needs to pay attention too.

He has the physical tools and polished skills to become a significant contributor in the NFL.

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