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A Dallas Cowboys fan’s hate of Jerry Jones

By on Aug 28, 2014 in Featured, NFC, NFC East | 0 comments

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First off, let me clarify that I do not mean dislike or annoyed by. I mean hate. For example, if Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys died in some horrific manner like being shot to ribbons with a machine gun, or being quartered by stallions that pull him apart by the limbs, or in his sleep by a 20-something hot blonde, the worst I would say is “Wow…..I wonder who’s gong to run the team now?”

It started back in ’93 when the Cowboys had just begun their ’90’s dynasty and Emmitt Smith, the NFL leading rusher for the 2nd season in a row, waited for his contract to expire and felt that he should be the highest paid running back in football.

That makes sense.

Jerry JonesExcept Mr. Jones decided to let it be known that he felt, Smith was a “luxury” and that anybody could have played well behind that offensive line and didn’t want to pay him.

So he held out, which is, by the way, the second time he had to hold out for a contract because Mr. Jones(he had a thing going on) wanted to short change him before he even got into the league.

What happened of course is that Dallas lost the first two games of the following season, Jimmy Johnson ended a press conference after a loss to the Buffalo Bills(whom the Cowboys had just mopped the floor with about 8 months before in Super Bowl “pick your Roman numeral”) with an exasperated “Ohhhh boy” and Mr. Jones swallowed his pride in time to sign Emmitt Smith to a worthy contract.

Emmitt wins ANOTHER rushing title in 14 games(Barry Sanders got injured)wins MVP, Dallas wins another Super Bowl, and all is well.

Strippers and cocaine(allegedly) at the White House, Jonesy’s treat!


Jerry JonesJimmy Johnson pays Mr. Jones no mind at some function, he storms off in a huff, and then decides that Jimmy Johnson is a “luxury” and suddenly Johnson isn’t the coach anymore of arguably the best football team ever and he replaces him with Barry “Yippee Ky Yay MotherF*****” Switzer.

The Cowboys lose their edge, can’t beat the 49ers and even though the wheels don’t fall off(they end up winning in Switzer’s 2nd year because they can beat the Packers, and thankfully the Pack can beat the 49ers) everything goes downhill.

Suddenly when he cans Switzer, he takes on the role of owner/GM/Cowboys media guy/injury report guy and “whenever there is something say I’ll say it and not the coach” guy(except when Bill Parcells took over as coach for a few years).

And this is what really gets me….Why does Mr. Jones have to give E-VER-REE update on what’s going on with the Cowboys?

Who’s injured?

Ask Jonesy!

Who are we drafting?

Ask Jonesy!

What wide receiver am a DYING to overpay?

Jonesy will have a list at the ready in front of the camera.

Does he just NEED to be seen all the time?

Jerry-JonesCan’t he go take some more photos with his granddaughter’s friends that can be “misrepresented”?

This man does NOT know football!

But when you run everything, everyone is afraid to tell you…except Jimmy Johnson and, well, you know the rest.

And now as we have learned from former Cowboy All-World Linebacker Demarcus Ware, the Cowboys seem to be light years behind as far as training facility/weight room/get people ready to play at maximum capacity is concerned.

I’m sure Sean Lee might second that emotion.

At least Donald Sterling didn’t want to be seen.

Get the ropes and the stallions, please.

Rasheid McCorvey is an NFL writer for TPF and can be contacted at


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