Perfect opportunity for Christian Ponder to jump ship

The injury to Sam Bradford offers Minnesota Vikings’ Christian Ponder the perfect opportunity to jump ship.

With the news coming out of Sam Bradford’s torn ACL, the St. Louis Rams have now found themselves in desperate need for a quarterback.  This is, unless, you’ve sold yourself on Shaun Hill as the starting QB.  People that have are probably thinking back to his glory days (can 3 average seasons be considered glory days?) with the 49ers.

Other options are undrafted free agent, Austin Davis and sixth round pick, Garrett Gilbert.  Davis did have a couple of decent preseason games and Gilbert has loads of potential, but neither can be considered ready to start for any pro team.

Christian PonderIt seems to me that a trade for another signal-caller is a very legitimate option.  While names like Kirk Cousins and Ryan Mallett will pop up in the rumor mill, both will expect to yield a high to middle round draft pick.  Enter Christian Ponder.

Ponder wouldn’t be a “sexy” acquisition (unless you consider the hotness level of his wife, Samantha), but Ponder has the ability to manage a game with a running attack and a good defense.  This was shown just a couple of years ago.

Adrian PetersonThe Vikings reaching the playoffs in 2012 had everything to do with riding the coattails of Adrian Peterson’s record breaking year.  While no one would dare mention Peterson’s name with any of the Rams running backs, they’re pretty good and their offense is dedicated to the ground-and-pound approach.  Not only that, but the St. Louis defense is miles apart from the 2012 Vikings defense.  In fact, many would consider them a top 5 defense, while they’re easily a top 10.  These aren’t the only similarities that these two teams have.  The Rams also have a small, speedy wide receiver in Tavon Austin and a reliable tight end in Jared Cook.  Those two bear a similar resemblance to the connection that Ponder had with Percy Harvin and Kyle Rudolph.

To me, this scenario seems like a win-win for both teams.  No one should ever celebrate an injury to any player, but this shows the St. Louis regime that Bradford will never be the answer.  They can now move on.  Now they can acquire a QB with room for growth by giving up a late round pick that are normally reserved for projects anyway.  The Vikings can get a late round pick and put the past behind them while getting a small return on their investment.  Like I said, it’s a win-win.

Time will tell, but I think now is a perfect opportunity for Ponder to trade one set of horns for another.

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