Get ready for another ‘Mega’ year for Megatron

Since being drafted in 2007 Calvin Johnson better known as Megatron, has been the main target in the Detroit Lions offense. He has proved over and over he can shoulder the load when needed. The Lions have added a lot of new weapons to the offense since 2007, and this upcoming season looks to be most promising for Lions fans. Will these players takeaway from Megatron’s overall success?

With the attention, Golden Tate will receive, it will free up Calvin Johnson to make even more big plays and make it easier for him to get open in the secondary. These two alone could have us calling the team the Detroit Decepticons instead of the Lions. Yes, I’m loving all these transformers puns, and I hope they catch on, Detroit could use some fun around this team that has suffered over the years.

Matthew StaffordThis 2014 Lions team could transform this city, and with the great arm of Matthew Stafford, these two wide receivers could become the toast of the town. While Johnson has already won over the Lions fans, I believe Tate can do the same, with these guys working together it could mean big numbers on the scoreboard. In fact, we will be calling Golden Tate Starscream by the end of the regular season

The Lions have consistently ranked among the NFL’s most productive offenses the past few seasons, but expectations are even higher this year with the implementation of a new scheme and the development of quarterback Matthew Stafford under the new coaching staff.

After drafting Eric Ebron in the first round, and the return of Reggie Bush and Joique Bell who made their presence felt in the passing game as well as the running game, this offense has the more than enough camouflage for Calvin Johnson to have another mega year.

Calvin JohnsonIn past seasons, the defense knew he was going to get the ball but he still beat them, this season the defense won’t know who’s getting the ball, and this is good news for Megatron.

With all these weapons and a quarterback that is primed and ready to have the best season of an already amazing career, this offense could be tops in the NFL.

Calvin Johnson has been the main supply of offense for the Lions and even with all the new additions I don’t think that will change. I think these new additions were to take some of the defensive pressure off Johnson rather than to bring more offensive production, but I do believe they will get both from the new guys on the roster. I’m on record picking the Lions to win it all this year, and I believe Calvin Johnson will be the one to lead us there.

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