2014 Buffalo Bills season win total prediction

The Las Vegas Hilton has high hopes as they have the 2014 Buffalo Bills season win total prediction at 6.5. I don’t know if it was because they were one of the first teams to start training camp, and there was nothing else to get excited about, but there seems to be tons of hype surrounding the Buffalo Bills.

The hype comes from rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins and the outstanding catches he had during the first days of camp. However, the excitement for the Bills stops there.

Kiko AlonsoThe loss of Kiko Alonso to injury and Jairus Byrd to free agency is going to hamper the Bills defense dramatically. No matter what their coaching staff tries to say. Add the fact that Marcell Dareus, their lone hope on defense, doesn’t seem interested in staying on the right side of the tracks, that should diminish hope that much more.

As quarterback EJ Manuel enters into his second season, he bears most of the pressure and he couldn’t even finish his rookie season without getting hurt.

If the Bills don’t succeed early, they will struggle and as the season goes on maybe they’ll get desperate and try Sammy Watkins at QB!

Prediction: 3-13, UNDER

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