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Denver Broncos: Slow down, it’s only a scrimmage

Let’s not get our panties in a bunch Denver Post, it’s just a scrimmage! Busy moving lately, I’ve been jonesing for the latest Denver Broncos news. I decided to read the August 2nd edition of the Denver Post. Now, I’m a fan, but let’s slow down a minute. With 38,620 fans in attendance, the Broncos offense aired out the football and put on a show.

We all know the Broncos offensive weapons but remember the defense was rated 22nd overall against the pass in 2013. Should we as fans be ecstatic that the quarterbacks combined for 14-17 or should we be worried the defense allowed them to complete that many?

Peyton Manning PracticeAs Allen Iverson said, “It’s just practice.” Also, the conspiracy guy in me thinks that maybe management said, “Hey put on an aerial show for the fans and tune down the defense”. “The fans will get excited drink some more beer eat more hot dogs”.

Denver Broncos 2014 training campIn hindsight, I don’t think the defense tuned down for the fans ( yes I am laughing). So I am a little envious, even though it was just scrimmage I would have loved to see that for one time in my life. Sitting in the stands at Mile High to watch a fan event like this one.

I know it is about selling newspapers and getting the fans foaming from their mouths about the upcoming 2014 season, but it’s just a scrimmage and we won’t learn much at this point. There’s no reason to worry, unless Peyton Manning’s arm falls off trying to throw for more TD’s then our defense will give up.

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